Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Move and a Change Under Consideration - update

With the new announcement from Blogger:
Adult content setting

I am considering a move. After nearly 6 and a half years and over 700 posts, I am not sure Google's new adult content policy fits with my blog. I came here to vent, to reflect and to pour out the contents of my brain. Is there some adult content? I guess? I don't know. Honestly, I can think of a number of posts containing words, ideas and themes, and maybe pictures too that would be considered adult in nature. I am not going back to comb over everything I've written. Much of it is painful to relive. So I am thinking of moving to a less Orwellian blog platform. If I decide that blogging is still where I will be posting, and move I will let you all know the new place when I get there.

It is unfortunate because I felt like this was a place where I could be me, and I don't censor my thoughts or writing. Time to move on...

And here is where you can now find me: