Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up - Tuesday evening edition

Another crazy weekend that left me sunburnt and exhausted! Also still really busy and unable to finish this until tonight.

Wednesday was rehearsal for The Oldest, a baseball game for The Youngest, I had back to back meetings overlapping both events, and The Dude had to work.

Thursday was baseball practice for The Youngest.

Friday was the usual shift at The Boys' school and because I hadn't seen my friends in 2 weeks, I threw an impromptu playdate at the house. I supplied what I had around the house and everyone brought something. It wrapped up pretty early (for one of these), but was still nice and relaxing.

Saturday was working little league snack bar for 2 hours, followed by working the school spring carnival for an additional 5 1/2 hours. By the end I was fried, both literally and metaphorically. The sun burn has now started to fade, and the muscles have recovered, and I hope I will catch up on sleep tonight.

Sunday was little league picture day, hit-a-thon and jamboree. More time in the sun and The Boys in jumpy houses. Even more tired because this was also my only day to do laundry and The Dude had morning soccer game and had to work in the afternoon. Oh, and he took a nap. I went to bed early.

Monday, I went to the office to pack up my cubicle. This is in anticipation for a move to the one wing in which I have not yet worked. Also, my permanent telecommute agreement is close to being final, so I have to do some major cleaning out of stuff over a decade old...

Today, I drove on a field trip that lasted from 7:15 in the morning until 5:00 at night. This is the big 4th grade trip, riding the train to the state capital, touring the Railroad Museum, Sutter's Fort and the Indian Museum. Fun day, but a long drive, and tiring. Oh, and I still dialed into a conference call and managed not to yell at The Oldest, who was working my last nerve. It didn't help that I also had to deal with parents who turn a blind eye to their own kids' contributions to problems... Thankfully, the teachers are far more adept at that sort of thing :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Seriously LOVE this show

Totally NSFW, really. Oh, also should not be viewed by children.

Happy Weekend all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

It has been hectic around here. The Boys had Spring break last week and we took a trip to Santa Cruz on Thursday afternoon, having lunch at a favorite of mine - Saturn Cafe. The windy road took it's toll on The Youngest, who vomited about a block away from the Saturn... After lunch, we headed to Mission Santa Cruz, for The Oldest's mission report. After that we spent a couple of hours at the boardwalk and headed home.

Friday afternoon we drove to Turlock to drop off the puppy, and headed to Oakhurst (near the South entrance to Yosemite). The Youngest's DI team was invited to the state tournament at Yosemite High School on Saturday. It snowed on the way, and we were staying up in the mountains with lots of snow. the windy road there took it's toll on the youngest again, with him vomiting in the lobby and outside in the snow. After dinner, we all went to bed. I was exhausted from the stress of snow driving, and the 4+ hours in the car.

Saturday morning was 6:00 up for the 6:30 breakfast buffet, and I had to be at the tournament at 7:30 to work the score room. The challenges were scheduled for 10 and 12:50, after which we were going to go through Yosemite on the way home. The windy drive from the lodge to the high school had The Youngest barfing again, plus I think some nervousness creeped in. The Dude was not thrilled that he was waiting around while I worked and got on my case for volunteering for everything. He doesn't care that I volunteer, as long as it doesn't impact him, which this did... Started getting calls and texts at about 9:15 asking where the team was to meet or be and when. The calls came from a couple of the moms on the team, and The Dude was telling me that the team manager mom had not yet checked in, and was not answering her phone. Ends up, they were staying at the West entrance to Yosemite, and it took them a couple of hours to get through the park, when they thought it would only take 45 minutes. Because the team is young, and not competetive, they just bumped us to the end at 2:15. The Dude and most of the other parents were nearly postal in their anger. I wasn't particularly happy about the situation, but I was also in the scoring room, and outside the drama zone. Because of the lateness of the challenge, no one felt like going to Yosemite, I know I just wanted to go home. Got home, and some friends who'd been in Costa Rica for the last month stopped by to visit.

Sunday was laundry in the morning, and I went to see a local production of The Vagina Monologues, benefiting the local rape crisis center and women's shelter. This is the fourth time I've seen it and I take something away from each and every performance. It is a powerful performance, and I highly recommend seeing it wherever and whenever you can. I've seen it in L.A. with an all star cast, in San Franciso with just Eve Ensler, in San Francisco with an all star cast, and now in Livermore with a local cast, who were just as good as any I've seen.

Happy Monday all!