Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

As the school year winds down, the extra curricular activities ramp up. My weekend actually started on Thursday with a field trip for the overnight camping we do every year with The Boys' class. We had fun, and this was the easiest year for me, as they are both at the age where they know what to do, and I can relax and photograph the nervous first timers. I did end up weeping about missing their teacher most terribly when she moves to Germany at the end of this week. A great adventure for her family, but she has been absolutely in my corner for YEARS, and now, she will be half a world away. I know she will be back, but still. I know that on any given day I have been able to walk into her classroom, and she will wrap me in a hug. I can't hug her for a while, and that makes me sad. Plus, I love that she swears more than me ;-)
Friday - More field trip, a lazy afternoon / evening at the beach, and dinner at my folks. I was wiped out after 2 days in the great outdoors, but did manage to sleep.
Saturday - no sleeping in as The Boys had football evaluations mid morning, and I had to get a graduation card for a party later that night. Spent the afternoon with some friends whom I hadn't seen in over a year as they are primarily friends of The Dude (since middle school), and I didn't want to disrupt the support they can provide for him, for which I am no longer responsible. Found out that The Dude is now living with his girlfriend, and her two kids. I don't know her, have never met her, and The Dude wants The Boys to spend the night. The Dude sent a forwarding address e-mail (not to me). Also found out that his version of events is vastly different than mine - which came as no surprise at all. Went to the graduation party of another longtime friend of The Dude's daughter and it was awkward, answering questions about The Dude and his well being for grandparents that do not know what is going on. Also had to answer those same questions from The Dude's step brother, whom we saw early in the day. Just a rough day overall.
Sunday - Another going away for the teacher moving to Germany. This one not as emotional because of the crowd assembled, and I don't know many of them very well. This was followed by the annual beginning of swim season BBQ with the swim team. Had to answer more questions there when The Dude came to pick up The Boys and take them to his girlfriend's house. I flat out asked, and he admitted that they are more than friends, and I said I want to meet her, if The Boys would be spending time with her and her kids. I honestly have nothing against her, and I hope they have a long and happy life together. I hope she is better able to weather all of the things I know are coming. I also hope she realizes that all of the time The Dude spends with her and her kids means that he is not spending that time with his own children. I can't protect her, and I can only wish her well. Also talked to D after reading an e-mail she is thinking of sending to her husband's mistress. I advised against it, only because of the venomous anger laced throughout. I love D, and I want her to be happy. I think she needs to deal with some of the issues she's been ignoring so that she can more effectively battle her cancer. I want her to be here for a much longer life.
I hope you all have a wonderous week!