Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Monday

Still feeling tropical:
Take It Back
I especially love the steel pans on this one. This song is about getting the America Cup back from Australia, which made me think of this:

I will warn you to not watch this if you are at all shocked or offended by a gay man in very little clothing, but to die for heels. I saw this tour, and holy crap was it AWESOME live and in person. I also thought this had something to do with the Seoul Olympics (It does not, but the official video had he logo in it).
Which made me wonder whether there was a song written about this year's world cup - that sent me on a search, and what I found is the official theme song/commercial and a song competition that had been running since the 2006 world cup and shut down this year by FIFA's attourneys. I'll have to keep my ears open for anything sneaking into pop songs this summer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Take a Moment - Right now, and send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing, helpful and loving energy. My heartfelt hopes for good health to you and everyone.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it. Updates are at the end, with gratitude for your help!

Barry - He's had the fluid drained from the sacs around his lungs, had some complications, and was in ICU for a bit. He's now in the Thoracic wing, getting rest, hydrated and preparing for additional draining of fluids. My prayers are not just for him, but for his wife Linda to help her deal with navigating all of the medical stuff along with the G20 being in her town, near the hospital.
Mel - Recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she suffered a stroke last week and reduced blood cell counts, and her chemo is postponed to deal with those.
Audrey - Still praying for her.
Jacob - a nearly 2 year old who's family is dealing as best they can with his recent diagnosis of Leigh Syndrome.
Rick - a very dear friend who has sunk so low in his depression that he is admitting himself for psychiatric observation this week.

Great News:
Jet - My godmother, who now has a path forward in her treatment, that only includes a lumpectomy and radiation - no chemo!
Hanan - Is now home, and up and around!

May good health always be your's,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Monday Tropical edition

Spent Father's Day cleaning and doing laundry while The Boys were out at the movies.
Listened to this:

And this:

Thought about the gulf coast, and bp, and the benefit concert to be broadcast on CMT on my birthday this year. You can read about it here.

I won't be watching (likely), as that is the day I share with my recently deceased uncle, and we are going to place his ashes in Colma then.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blogger Community Photo Cahllenge - Flowers

This is a shorter than normal challenge, with only a week to post, so I'm pulling my favorite recent flower photo taken earlier this spring:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Take a Moment - Right now, and send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing, helpful and loving energy. My heartfelt hopes for good health to you and everyone.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it. Updates are at the end, with gratitude for your help!

Barry - This round of chemo is kicking his but.
Hanan - She is still in the hospital for the infection of unknown origin which followed a rod being placed in her spine to strengthen what this new round of cancer has weakend.
Audrey - Cancer is back, this time in her neck. Still there.
Jet - My godmother, who had biopsies last week on lumps found in her breasts, and has now found out that they are cancerous. She is meeting this week with her team of doctors to discuss path forward.
Jacob - a nearly 2 year old who's family is dealing as best they can with his recent diagnosis of Leigh Syndrome.

There are other people in my life who have been on my mind lately. People whom I need to call and touch base with - I can feel that need.

Great News:
Abby - Was solo circumnavigating the globe, this 16 year old was found and rescued, is alive and well! She and her family are now being questioned on their decision to take on this adventure. I am just grateful that she is alive to sail another day.

May good health always be your's,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boy, oh Boy is it shaping up to be a Looooooong summer

This was my day yesterday - officially day 2 of summer break for The Boys. The day started OK - my work day looked like this:
Leaving me little time to do anything for The Boys.

The Dude took them to swim practice, as I'd unsuccessfully tried to obtain wifi at the pool the day before.
Once home from swimming, they were all worn out and The Dude napped while I was on conference calls, and that is when the shenanigans took place. Following my calls, I emerged into the house to a weird smell. great. But it was a chemical smell, not a gross smell, so I thought it might actually be cologne, or something equally harmless. I entered the living room to 2 "cat that ate the canary" looks.
The following exchange took place:
I asked, "What's that smell?" The Oldest replied with a shrug, the youngest just ignored the question.
J9 (more emphatically and likely sounding more angry): Really, What's that smell?
The Oldest - another shrug
The Youngest - still silently ignoring the request
J9 (Now pissed off and moving to turn off the TV): WHAT. IS. THAT. SMELL?!?!
The Oldest: What smell?
The Youngest: I don't smell anything.
J9 (gesturing to the air): This smell, the smell that is NOT what our house normally smells like - THAT smell!
The Oldest (removing a can of hairspray from behind him): Well, I accidentally sat on this.
J9: Accidentally? You expect me to believe that you ACCIDENTALLY sat in the recliner, on a can of HAIRSPRAY that was no where near the recliner earlier?! Really?
[I must state that at this point what flashed though my brain was, "Oh dear God, he's going to be one of those people that show up on RN reports as having "accidentally" sat on a vibrator or something.]
The Oldest - shrugged again.
J9: Just so you know, this is hair spray, not air freshener. When you spray it all over the house, it makes everything sticky, thereby creating more cleaning work in the house. Also, it's poisonous for people and animals. To. Your. Room.
At this point The Youngest decides to chime in. I cut him off and went back to work.
Minutes Later, The Dude (from the bedroom): What's on Augie's fur? - Augie is the Mini Daschund puppy.
Upon emerging from the office again and seeing Augie walk by, I scooped him up and carried him to the living room, calling for The Oldest to join us.
J9 (to The Boys): What is on Augie's fur?
The Oldest: I dunno
The Youngest - again ignoring the question.
J9: I Asked, WHAT is on Augie's fur?
The Oldest: Where?
Mind you, this is a dog that is less than 18 inches long, so there isn't much examination needed...
J9 (presenting the dog to The Oldest): Here. On His Back. See? From his collar, to halfway down his back.
The Oldest (likely thinking it better to come clean at this point as I'm sure my face was red): Deodorant.
The Youngest: Well, he did it. (Likely story)
J9: SERIOUSLY! Deodorant is poisonous to a small dog like Augie, if he licked his back he will get sick. Deodorant is for people, NOT DOGS!
At this point, The Dude comes out and asks where they got deodorant. I interrupted to say I'd bought some at the store, and hadn't had a chance to put it away yet. I'm sure he was thinking none of this would have happened if only I'd put it away. Not true, but worth thinking about.
I sent The Oldest back to his room, where he wailed like we were beating him. Decent performance, but not Oscar worthy.
I got out towels and washed, partially dried the dog and handed him over to The Dude. The whole time, I was thinking, doesn't this burn animal's skins? Isn't that what the PETA ads are about? Crap! I hope Augie will be okay.
I put away the deodorant.
I found a coffee mug on an end table, and called The Oldest out to ask him about it.
J9: What's in this mug?
The Oldest: Butter for my popcorn.
J9: Put it in the sink please.
After all of this, I got The Boys into their Tae Kwon Do uniforms and drove them to the studio. While they were in class, I walked nearly 3 miles, in an attempt to release some of the stress. It was mostly successful.
When we got home, I made breakfast for dinner - eggs, bacon and toast for The Boys, and toast and celery with Yogurt Blue Cheese for me. The Dude declined dinner.
As I was doing dishes later, I came across the mug of "butter" from earlier, and it didn't look like butter, so I called The Oldest back over.
J9: What is really in the mug?
The Oldest: Deodorant and butter.
J9: I hope you didn't eat the deodorant.
The Oldest: No
J9: Why did you choose to waste the deodorant like this?
The Oldest (with a shrug): I dunno.
At this point I could really only sigh, and ask that they not play with any personal hygiene items, or medications, or chemicals of any kind.
I also need to talk to The Dude about leaving The Boys to their own devices.

Today was better, and easier, and I was able to get decent wifi. And we didn't leave The Boys alone for a moment.

It's likely going to be a Loooooooooong summer.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday New Sarah edition, oh and Sunday's earworm

New Sarah McLachlan - enjoy:

And then THIS was in my brain ALL DAY Sunday:

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Town Shoot Out - Public Art.

Public Art is the choice this week from Barry and Linda. "Public Art is the way our various towns represent themselves to the outside world. By definition Public Art is artwork that is free, publicly displayed and tells the world something about us. Often it is represented by the ubiquitous general on his horse, sword raised in triumph, the poet in his robes clutching his books to his chest, the heroine in flowing robes. Sometimes it represents a famous moment in local, national or world history or transports us back in time to remind us of our roots.

In a more modern context it may be represented by a work that is more abstract and serves as a design element to bring a public building to life.

Whatever it is in the context of your town, here is your chance to share it with us for next Friday's shoot out!"
I encourage you to go and see everyone's contributions here or here.

I decided to look up the Public Art here in Dublin, as I've photographed much of it already, and actually thought I'd done most - I was horribly wrong! I went here, printed the map, and headed out the door. I did shoot 2 places I'd never been to, and couldn't find the art listed at two others. All were shot between 5 and 6PM June 10th.
My first find is Archway:
And a detail:
And Black Pool, which evidently from which the name Dublin was derived.

Happy Weekend all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take a moment

And send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing and helpful energy. I'm thinking of changing Thursdays into thinking of you Thursdays, with my heartfelt hopes for good health.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it.
Barry - His palliative care team has taken away the pain, and now he starts another round of chemo, and will  be in the hospital for 5 days over Father's Day.
Hanan - The rod placed in her spine for strength was fine with her return home this week. Now she has an infection of unknown origin and is back in the hospital.
Audrey - Cancer is back, this time in her neck.
Abby - Solo circumnavigating the globe, this 16 year old has lost contact with her support team and sent manual emergency beacons - twice. She is 40 hours away by boat.
Jet - My godmother, who had biopsies this week on lumps found in her breasts.

May good health always be your's,


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kudos crustybastard!

This is AWESOME - seriously. Thanks to crustybastard for sending me here!

Click - go! Now!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tableau Tuesday - Color

This month's Blogger's Community Photo Challenge is color, so I played with a couple of shots from the Campout last week that I am entering this month. I've also included a before shot on the one so you can see the difference.
A wave:
I played with saturation and levels to get this weirdly bluish sky on a VERY grey day.

Next is the before and after of found items from the Beach:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gaaaah - BOYS!

Today was a rough one for The Boys, The Oldest in particular. While The Youngest whined and threw a fit about no play date after school, and said it was the worst day EVER!, That is actually normal behavior for him, and I mostly just ignore it and he stops. I get that he needs to vent, and he can, until it infringes on my life in a way that is disruptive. In fact, we spent about an hour after school at the playground so they could just play with friends. During that time, The Oldest swore and behaved inappropriately with one of his friends (and not the one with whom this usally occurs). This got him a time out, 10 push ups and a pepperocini to eat.

They both totally pigged out when we got home, first on crackers and cheese and ham, then on cereal, then cheetos. Dinner was leftovers - cheeseburger half for The Youngest and pasta for The Oldest. Swim practice went great for The Youngest, and I wasn't paying particular attention, but did notice that I hadn't really seen The Oldest swim. When I did start really looking for him, I found him bouncing on one end of the lane and hanging on the lane lines. I walked over and pointed for him to swim the lane, to which he shook his head. I asked his coach if she'd directed him to stay on this end of the pool, to which she replied, "No. He said his stomach hurts." I told her that he is full of crap and just bought himself 50 pushups for when we got home. She said that she'll keep that in mind for the future. Practice ended, and I told The Oldest that he just wasted an hour playing around when he should have been swimming, and he now had 50 pushups before bed, PLUS, his class is going on a field trip to the pool tomorrow and I am going to have one of the moms make sure that he spends an hour swimming laps to make up the time he wasted tonight. He was pissed! Though he did remind me of the pepper and 10 other push ups he still owed me from the afternoon, so for his honesty, I knocked off 10 of the push ups.

It took 30 minutes for him to finish the slice of pepper, all the while giving a performance worthy of an Oscar nod from the Academy. Another 15 minutes for the push ups, and I was ready to pull my hair out - I did some deep breathing, and I will go to bed soon.

Music Monday - WARNING

This song is an Ear Worm. You have been warned - it was going through my head ALL weekend:

Happy Monday all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

And she heaves a heavy sigh at the thought of yet another week

Spent Thursday and Friday on a camp out with The Boys' class and it was very fun to not be anywhere near cell phone reception or a computer. Went on a couple of hikes and to the beach and generally had alot of fun! The Youngest had his final baseball game and end of season party on Saturday, and The Boys started swim practice over the week. Today will be a lazy day at home (for them). I will be doing laundry and cleaning (maybe), and working in the garden (also maybe). I processed over 500 images from the campout and posted them for the other families to see, and have nearly done all the laundry. I'm tired too.

The photos I took during the campout were mostly of people, but I did get a few images that are kind of cool.

A portion of the Redwood Forest:
And the salt marsh that more closely resembled a Scottish Moor:
A friend at The Beach:
The mascot of my Alma Mater:
And my adorable Boys in a meadow:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I need a rant

So this is the deal - I am stressed out beyond belief right now.

At work I found out that the person who is supposed to come help me and was offered the job, had the offer retracted because she is in CA. seriously. It has taken MONTHS to get through the bureaucracy. The ONLY other applicant who was equally qualified is also in CA. Now it's back to the drawing board with more MONTHS before I can get ANY HELP WHATSOEVER.

I'm fried. done. I was working insane 12-14 hour days just so this person wouldn't have a backlog to wade through, but now? Now I don't particularly give a flying fuck. My backlog will continue to grow because of the way the team is being run, so I guess the importance of what I do will have to be escalated to leadership so that they can do something about it. My current backlog puts me 7-8 weeks behind in immediate responses, so if anyone wants a process audit, they go to the bottom of the list, to be completed much later this Summer.

This doesn't even touch on how this makes all of the CA workforce feel in regard to opportunity, and whether they will be cut first. I think the writing is on the wall.

I'm taking the next 2 days off of work to take The Boys on their annual class camping trip - it will be nice to not be anywhere near a computer, but the trip has it's own stresses. I had to pack the car tonight because we leave at the beginning of the school day tomorrow. The nice part is that the kids run it all - they put together the menu, do all the shopping (with their teachers), plan who does what and when, set up all the tents, and clean it all up at the end. I set up a chair and watch. I did agree to lead a group in the hike tomorrow, but only if another parent came with me as a co-leader. It's fun to see all the new parents with their own stresses about the trip, and to know that they will come out the other side having enjoyed it immensely.

The Boys have started swim practice and their first meet is in 10 days... There is stress associated with swim team as well - political jockeying mostly.

No clue what I will be doing with The Boys over Summer break. I am hoping The Dude can take a class that coincides with swim practice so he can take them and I can work. Otherwise, I may be on calls while at the college and The Boys are in the pool. I hear the science building has the best WiFi, so I'll give it a shot.

I'm tired and have a LONG and BUSY day tomorrow, but I feel better after the brain dump, so maybe now I can sleep.

I don't want to forget that I have a GREAT frugal post coming, just haven't been able to sit and type it all out!