Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Take a Moment - Right now, and send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing, helpful and loving energy. My heartfelt hopes for good health to you and everyone.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it. Updates are at the end, with gratitude for your help!

Barry - This round of chemo is kicking his but.
Hanan - She is still in the hospital for the infection of unknown origin which followed a rod being placed in her spine to strengthen what this new round of cancer has weakend.
Audrey - Cancer is back, this time in her neck. Still there.
Jet - My godmother, who had biopsies last week on lumps found in her breasts, and has now found out that they are cancerous. She is meeting this week with her team of doctors to discuss path forward.
Jacob - a nearly 2 year old who's family is dealing as best they can with his recent diagnosis of Leigh Syndrome.

There are other people in my life who have been on my mind lately. People whom I need to call and touch base with - I can feel that need.

Great News:
Abby - Was solo circumnavigating the globe, this 16 year old was found and rescued, is alive and well! She and her family are now being questioned on their decision to take on this adventure. I am just grateful that she is alive to sail another day.

May good health always be your's,


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Chef E said...

I am glad you keep us aware of this stuff- thanks and blessings to you as well!