Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holy Shittake Mushrooms

OMFG this weekend and the previous two weeks have been intense.
Some of the things that have happened:
The Boys and I have moved homes. The Dude did not move with us.
The Youngest gave himself a concussion.
The Oldest had to have 12 stitches in his knee.
Both of those happened on the same weekend.
I had it out with both The Dude and My Mother within 4 days, and realized exactly how similar they are.
I fell and put my teeth through my lip, bruised my neck and both knees and elbows.
My Mother fell down the stairs at my new place, possibly bruising a rib.
The Old Man Dog - Duke tore out a toenail, bleeding all over. His other rear leg deteriorated beyond reason, and he stopped eating, and started trowing up bile. It is likely that he will not survive the week at this point, and maybe not even the day.
I am just sad and tired and conflicted.