Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Today I am asking for positive vibes, prayers, good energy, a thought or a wish for my dad. He still is in the hospital. What is normally a rather routine gallbladder removal has become a difficult event for him to overcome. He has been beset by complications from the get go. His current state of health is just one of the many issues he will continue to have to overcome. I would love to have him happy and healthy and home for the holidays. Today is not that day. Today he continues to build strength, to get back on solid foods, stay awake long enough to improve his breathing, and get off antibiotics. Our family has postponed a holiday meal, and some of today will be spent bedside with my parents.

I am grateful for the time I do have with them, even when we disagree. They shaped me into the person I am, and helped me become who I am meant to be. I repay this by being the most me I can, by teaching my children to love and care. I know ultimately this will all resolve itself, and I have Corky reminding me of that as well.

Be grateful for the people who love you. I know I am.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another update

Spent a little while yesterday visiting, he was awake, and still hallucinating a bit. They had him on clear liquids, and moved him to a regular room in the afternoon. He spent alot of time sleeping, but was peeing and breathing on his own. He took a short walk and they were working on getting his breathing capacity up, walking further and getting rid of the post surgery intestinal gas so he can eat solid foods and have a bowel movement. Waiting on a call back from mom to see what today's situation is like.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gall Bladder update

An update:

The gallbladder was removed laparoscopically. It took longer than expected because it was full of puss, gangrenous, and  surrounded by a protective layer of fat. When detached from the liver, the inflamed liver bled like crazy and had to be patched. In recovery, he was having difficulty breathing and was delirious, thrashing (and likely shouting). They kept him in recovery extra long and sent him to ICU to keep a closer eye on him. So I spent pretty much all day (or afternoon and evening) at the hospital. I went home after they got him to ICU and Sis got there. Waiting to hear about his status today before planning when I will be there.
Side note:
Saw a Parrothead friend in the lobby, and her partner was just transferred from ICU (the same room dad went into). Thought I saw another friend from the second floor too, but missed her.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Unexpected twists and turns this weekend, but it will all work itself out.

Corky and I spent some time talking about what The Boys should call her and went through all the usual second mom nicknames. We aren't really to that point in our relationship, so it is theoretical at the moment. M2 was Corky's favorite. Asked my lesbian godmothers, and ran it by The Boys. The Youngest suggested C2 - The first C for Corky, the second for her last name. She liked it, and I like it. The Oldest wants to call her Corky - totally cool. We spent the evening watching 9 to 5 and Lisa Lampanelli. Corky went home to sleep because I am still sick :-( Slept for about 11 hours, and felt pretty decent. 

Got a call from Mom in the morning that Dad was in the hospital, they think it's his gall bladder, but his pain was down and blood pressure was improving and they expected to be home by 6:00 after further tests. Laundry, more laundry, and even more - I lost count at 7 loads. Hung out at Corky's and watched the latest Great Gatsby (most of it anyway). I hadn't yet seen it, and I found it cinematically gorgeous, but a bit strange seeing everything in super sharp ultra focus. Corky had to work closing, so I did my grocery shopping for the week, including the pies for Thanksgiving. napped for a bit before heading out with BFF + 2 for drinks. Got to one friend's house, and was starting drinks and appetizers when Mom called and asked me to drive them back to the hospital as Dad's pain was back up. Spent the rest of the night and early morning in ER while they decided what to do. Drove Mom home after they decided to keep him for a few days as his gall bladder is now infected. Fell into bed about 3:00.

Slept in after fielding calls and texts from everyone about holidays, birthdays and Dad. Headed back to the hospital to visit. He was out of it, and sleeping. Mom was more rested, and Sis was there too. They are still deciding what to do about his gall bladder, but his blood pressure is now normal, and his pain is under control, which is good. Looks like they will do whatever they decide tomorrow. Stayed for a few hours and came home to get ready for the week. Laundry needed to be finished, and I needed some food. Corky and I had dinner and watched a George Carlin DVD, during which we fell asleep. Woke up, Corky went home, I finished this post and went to bed early.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Sickness Descends

Like a familiar, knowing how to attack. A betrayal of your body on your life. You have been running around, doing more than you should and now your body has had it up to here with this shit and needs some time off. I know it really started when I couldn't get warm while sitting at the hair salon, with wet hair and fans on high. The rest of that day was spent trying to get warm (unsuccessfully), and I did take a nap because I'd not gotten enough sleep the night before. The rest of the week was as follows:
Tuesday - The Youngest at DI until 3:30 and in Fencing from 4:00-5:30. During that 90 minutes, The Oldest and I bought him some new jeans (which are now too short)... He grew taller, and thinner. Quick pizza dinner at the house, courtesy of Corky, and meeting at the Middle School from 7-8pm.
Wednesday - Both kids out early, and orthodontist for The Oldest at 2:30. Meeting at the Elementary School 3:30-4:30 and directly to the Middle School for a jazz band performance at the ribbon cutting of the new building until 7:30, then home to calm the dogs down before bed.
Thursday - Optometrist at 12:15, Therapy at 2:00 and Honors Night at the Middle School 7:00-8:00. Home and turkey prep for the Elementary School harvest feast. As a vegetarian, I find it highly ironic that I cook a turkey every year. vick's vapor rub on my soles and socks on, eucalyptus oil drops on my shirt and in bed by 10:00, which was awesome.
Friday - up at 5:00 to get the turkey in the oven. Back to bed until 6:30. Youngest to school by 8:25, then back to the school by 10:00 with the now cooked bird. Working at home so I can try to be well for the rest of the weekend.

Monday for the wrap up.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Today, a week before U.S. Thanksgiving, my thoughts turn to those family members who remain when a loved one passes on to the next life. I have been reliving memories of Diane lately, wishing she was here to actively share in my life and joys and issues. I miss our weekly lengthy calls, and her humor and mostly her laugh. So I am asking for a thought, good vibe, prayer, positive thought or moment just to remember those who spend the holidays missing their family. So this one is for Diane's family, and Corky who misses her mom. 
I dont know that it gets any easier as time goes on, I'll let you all know. This year is tough for me, but I know I am surrounded by people who love me and will take comfort in that, and in the people who mourn as well.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tableau Tuesday

The photos from the last week or so:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A great start to the weekend with The Boys out of school on Friday. Went to shoot the Christmas card for this year at the zoo. Renewed our membership, adding Corky to the card. All around awesome day. Weather was perfect and The Boys were well behaved. We had doughnuts for breakfast, and packed a lunch. I love how enthusiastic The Oldest is about such a "little kid" place. We were there for almost the entire time the zoo was open. Traffic was totally crap on the way home, so we took the back roads and stopped for dinner. Spent some time listening to The Oldest practice trombone before meeting up with friends for dessert.

Woke up to a messy kitchen and having to moderate a nut slap fight between The Boys. Managed to get cleaned up, laundry started, The Oldest in the shower and The Youngest working on homework all before my first cup of coffee. After photo editing and more skirmish refereeing, we all had lunch and headed to my folks'. Had to survey the damage from a wind storm a couple of weeks ago when their elm tree blew down, taking out their patio cover, the front of the redwoods, a birch, and most of the other birch, the gazebo and a bit of the cypress. More light is coming into the family room, but it is really still a mess while they wait for the adjuster. It was a pretty nice visit, except when they disagreed on something, and got irate and hostile to each other. Talked about thanksgiving and The Oldest's birthday. I gave them the 100% Kona coffee that Corky brought from her Hawaiian vacation and asked if she could join us for dessert on thanksgiving. My mom said if that's what I want, she has no objection. Not a ringing endorsement, but not bad... We don't know yet if my Aunt will be there, or will be bringing one of her 90 year old friends. My folks haven't told any of the other family members, but that isn't a big deal, I'll tell her. Stopped at the store on the way home and we had dinner, The oldest passed his jazz band on line test, and I putzed around folding laundry.

Got up and got The Boys moving on cleaning their bedroom and bathroom. More laundry and went through all my snail mail and bills. Figured out what to cook for family dinner tonight because Corky came over after not seeing her since Friday. Ran to the store and came home to start dinner - porcupine balls, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and swiss chard, with icebox cake for dessert. Corky brought some movies and we watched Willy Wonka while enjoying dessert. A really good at home evening, and a relaxing ending to a relaxing weekend. Look for pictures tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good week!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Today I am asking for you to help our family in the Philippines. We are all One Human Family and we all need to help one another. Because there are questions about political posturing happening in various relief organizations, I am asking that you go through the Philippine Red Cross. Click below:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesdays all began with this post.
This week's debauchery is not tied to drunkenness, though I was on the receiving end of a drunk dial from a friend earlier in the week... But I digress.
Corky and I have been carving out time alone when and while we can. She worked a split day this week. 6a-10a, then 9p-3a. She originally was supposed to work until 1p, but got out early. Instead of going home for a needed nap before the overnight inventory shift, she stopped by my house. We hung out for a bit, but I had an appointment at my BFF for some skin care. Following that, I stopped by her place to see what was up. She answered the door in her underwear, and I melted into a puddle at her welcoming kiss. I think I've said it before, but if not, she is talented. Very. Talented. We retired to her room, and as I was leaving a while later, I said I'd better not hear Afternoon Delight on the radio on my way home. Not too much later I received a text from her roommate asking why there were clothes all over her bed, and had I been there for some afternoon delight... I have to admit that I laughed at the serendipity, especially when Corky said she hadn't mentioned the song to her roommate at all...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend, though this was all of my own doing.

Drove on a field tip for The Youngest to the San Francisco Bay Model. It was a fun day, but I ran an art class with sketches inside the model, then at Fort Baker. Beautiful day, but would have enjoyed it more if I didn't drive, then work the entire time. A couple of pics from that:

The Youngest and Corky:

The View from Fort Baker:

We should have hiked the kids up to the bunkers and gotten some energy out. As it was, they were all insane on the way home, making the drive a bit of a headache. Would love to go back, just the four of us and have the time to pick what we want to do and when.

School was out for The Youngest a little early, so no art class. I was a bit stressed out in the afternoon / evening just trying to get The Oldest to not lie about his homework. He had to complete his math worksheet without the aid of a calculator as a result. That made us late out the door to get to SF to see Peter and the Starcatcher. It made me laugh my butt off, and de-stress, which is exactly what I needed. It was organized by one of the Mormon moms of friends of The Boys. I don't think she expected that Nanny would be played by a man, and mostly gay maintext. Also, the head pirate played it very foppish. Two of the gayest characters in a play I've seen in quite some time. Also? It was a fundraiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. The Boys LOVED it. Spent the rest of the weekend quoting the play. Home about midnight, and The Boys went directly to bed. I was up getting the dogs settled down until about 1:00.

Slept in a bit, and got to roasting a GIANT red beet, and several chioggia, all courtesy of Corky. Clogged my sink with the skins... Had to buy drain chemicals to unclog it. The Oldest completed his homework, or at least what he could with a missing science textbook. Laundry, shower, and redid my toenails. The ex picked up the boys at 5:00. This was his weekend with them... Of course that means my social life doesn't exist except on call. Corky came by to say hi to The Boys before they left, and we enjoyed some time alone before a quick trip to the store and for dinner. Then back home and a movie. Actually went to bed at a relatively decent hour after having fallen asleep on the couch.

The humongous red beet next to a chioggia:

 Once roasted and cooling:

Woke up kinda early for a weekend. That was fine because I still had most of the laundry to complete. Enjoyed my coffee while banging out some work for the middle school. A really big and yummy breakfast, and more laundry. added little pink hearts to my dark grey toenails. Putzed around some more. Dishes and more laundry. Watched The Heat at Corky's while cuddling on her bed - which was perfect to relax and laugh. The Boys came home at nearly 7pm, having done no homework and shoes wet & muddy. Started the shoes in the laundry, hung out with The Boys and relaxed some more.

Slept through my alarm, so of course woke up late for work time. Logged on to find absolutely nothing of any import. Took my shower and moved downstairs to see what The Boys were up to. Had The Oldest finish his homework and met with my boss. Mended a necktie for The Oldest and jazz band. Made plans for The Boys and a Nerf war later in the day with my BFF and her son. Haven't been spending much time with them because her son doesn't treat The Oldest very well, and with Corky, my free time is rather occupied... Frozen pizza for dinner because The Boys were all having so much fun, we didn't leave the park until dark, and stopped for a haircut for The Oldest, and Starbucks for us all. Interestingly, The Oldest kept wanting me to tell BFF about the play on Friday, and I had already told her, and he was being a pain about it, so I told him to tell the story, but he refused... BFF asked if Corky asked me to marry her. We didn't talk about it, other than me telling her that it has been a conversation, that I'm not ready, and I would have told her already if that is indeed what happened on Friday. I didn't ask what her opinion about that is, though I probably should, or why she assumed that was the news. Weird.

Pics from the park:

I hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing week!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.
Today I am asking for thoughts, positive vibes, prayer, and whatever you have for all of us who will suffer in silence this holiday season. Some of us won't make it until the new year, and I want you all to know that you are important to me. You matter in my life and in the lives of others. If you need to talk or vent or rant and rage, you can always come to me. I will listen. I know I get really busy much of the time, and especially so over the holidays. However, please know that I am here for you. My thoughts are with you, for a safe journey through this stressful and possibly triggering time of year. I want you to be well.

Of course, my thoughts turn to Diane right now - she didn't make it to this holiday season, and I am missing her sarcasm, humor and wit. Then I saw this video, and I remember how we talked about this, how I thought she should get tattooed over her scars, and maybe I'd go for a smiley face or star instead of standard areola.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tableau Tuesday

A few pics from the weekend

Treats for tricks on Halloween:
 Mummy Dogs
 Dirty Q-Tips

Corky's Giraffe Tattoo in Marini's

And it looks like my ablation will happen in early December - scheduled it this morning. Last night, The Oldest was having a tough an emotional time, which I failed to take into account when Corky wanted to jump out at him. Because of that, he ended up crying inconsolably - to the point of needing a cold cloth on the back of his neck. I feel bad about it, for him and for her. I could have handled that much better.

I hope you all have a calm and peaceful rest of your week.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

And only 7 more Sundays until Christmas - let the insanity begin

A half day for The Youngest, followed by two days off of school. The annual Halloween parade and party, and I invited Corky. She loved it, and The Youngest loved having her there, as did I. I was able to introduce her to more parents at the elementary school, including the principal. It is all good, and I couldn't be happier with her, and with people being so cool.

Went to a school district training in the morning, and got ready for a party in the afternoon. Made a couple of treats (photos tomorrow) and BFF had a party. When we got there, about an hour early, she was stressed to the ceiling and ready to break down. Got her calmed, and probably pissed her off some too, and the party was okay - not a rager, and the kids decided to go out on their own. They did fine, even though I was concerned about The Youngest going with the older kids. They took care of him and made sure not to leave him behind. An hour and a half later, and they were back with FULL bags of candy. We stayed and visited, and it was cool. I feel like my kids aren't kids anymore and it must have happened when I blinked because I could swear they weren't old enough to do that. Then I remember being allowed to trick or treat with my friends at the same age. And so it goes. Drove The Boys back to the ex, and crashed when I got home.

I had a procedure to test for abnormal endometrial cells, in preparation for an endometrial ablation in the near future. I was prepared for pain, but it was relatively simple, quick and completely painless. Corky came with me just in case, and I took a sick day. Afterward, we ran a couple of errands and decided to get out of town, to one of my favorite local places. We went to Santa Cruz, and I showed her my version of the town which included lunch at Saturn Cafe, a walk on the mall, and a tour of UC Santa Cruz and the Yacht Harbor. It was a wonderful day, and I remember how badly I want to spend time like this with her. I love spending time with The Boys and Corky, but I also love having her all to myself, and being able to experience stuff just the two of us. I must remember to schedule more of these days. We hightailed it home (or went as quickly as one can in stop and go traffic on a Friday night, during rush hour), anticipating the return of The Boys after dinner, which ended up being after 9pm... Another communication fail from the ex.

I was able to sleep in, but that put me under the gun to complete some stuff before going to the High School band review. I did manage to bathe the dogs, but I didn't complete a presentation promised to the elementary school principal before leaving because it took four hours to get The Boys showered and dressed and out the door. That was likely due to the sugar crash they suffered when I awoke. They'd already been into their stash of Halloween candy for hours at that point, based on the sheer volume of wrappers strewn about the living room and kitchen. We sold Jelly Bellys for a couple of hours. (I know, I know - and I wouldn't have signed up, had I known I am supposed to be boycotting them...) It was a fundraiser for the middle school band - and the trip to Disneyland in the Spring. The Boys went back with the ex, and Corky, her roommate and I went to dinner. I did complete the presentation and sent it to the principal after 10pm, then to bed.

Slept a total of 13 hours - though with the time change it looked like 12... Felt WAY more rested when I did get up. BFF came by with some stuff for me to print, wrote a communication for the middle school, and went to Costco with Corky and her roommate. Hadn't been in about a decade. Managed to get out for only slightly over $100, but that included flea & tick medicine for the dogs. Dinner of soup & sandwich with Corky, and home to wait for The Boys. Sent text at 8pm asking when the ex was bringing them & he wasn't planning on it, even though he has always brought them home on Sunday night... He forgot that's what the norm was... Another communication fail, and it makes me wonder if he isn't winding up for another seizure. We've been doing this for a year and a half and he has never had them overnight on a Sunday... Weird.

I hope you all have a fruitful and encouraging week ahead!