Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Unexpected twists and turns this weekend, but it will all work itself out.

Corky and I spent some time talking about what The Boys should call her and went through all the usual second mom nicknames. We aren't really to that point in our relationship, so it is theoretical at the moment. M2 was Corky's favorite. Asked my lesbian godmothers, and ran it by The Boys. The Youngest suggested C2 - The first C for Corky, the second for her last name. She liked it, and I like it. The Oldest wants to call her Corky - totally cool. We spent the evening watching 9 to 5 and Lisa Lampanelli. Corky went home to sleep because I am still sick :-( Slept for about 11 hours, and felt pretty decent. 

Got a call from Mom in the morning that Dad was in the hospital, they think it's his gall bladder, but his pain was down and blood pressure was improving and they expected to be home by 6:00 after further tests. Laundry, more laundry, and even more - I lost count at 7 loads. Hung out at Corky's and watched the latest Great Gatsby (most of it anyway). I hadn't yet seen it, and I found it cinematically gorgeous, but a bit strange seeing everything in super sharp ultra focus. Corky had to work closing, so I did my grocery shopping for the week, including the pies for Thanksgiving. napped for a bit before heading out with BFF + 2 for drinks. Got to one friend's house, and was starting drinks and appetizers when Mom called and asked me to drive them back to the hospital as Dad's pain was back up. Spent the rest of the night and early morning in ER while they decided what to do. Drove Mom home after they decided to keep him for a few days as his gall bladder is now infected. Fell into bed about 3:00.

Slept in after fielding calls and texts from everyone about holidays, birthdays and Dad. Headed back to the hospital to visit. He was out of it, and sleeping. Mom was more rested, and Sis was there too. They are still deciding what to do about his gall bladder, but his blood pressure is now normal, and his pain is under control, which is good. Looks like they will do whatever they decide tomorrow. Stayed for a few hours and came home to get ready for the week. Laundry needed to be finished, and I needed some food. Corky and I had dinner and watched a George Carlin DVD, during which we fell asleep. Woke up, Corky went home, I finished this post and went to bed early.

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