Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A great start to the weekend with The Boys out of school on Friday. Went to shoot the Christmas card for this year at the zoo. Renewed our membership, adding Corky to the card. All around awesome day. Weather was perfect and The Boys were well behaved. We had doughnuts for breakfast, and packed a lunch. I love how enthusiastic The Oldest is about such a "little kid" place. We were there for almost the entire time the zoo was open. Traffic was totally crap on the way home, so we took the back roads and stopped for dinner. Spent some time listening to The Oldest practice trombone before meeting up with friends for dessert.

Woke up to a messy kitchen and having to moderate a nut slap fight between The Boys. Managed to get cleaned up, laundry started, The Oldest in the shower and The Youngest working on homework all before my first cup of coffee. After photo editing and more skirmish refereeing, we all had lunch and headed to my folks'. Had to survey the damage from a wind storm a couple of weeks ago when their elm tree blew down, taking out their patio cover, the front of the redwoods, a birch, and most of the other birch, the gazebo and a bit of the cypress. More light is coming into the family room, but it is really still a mess while they wait for the adjuster. It was a pretty nice visit, except when they disagreed on something, and got irate and hostile to each other. Talked about thanksgiving and The Oldest's birthday. I gave them the 100% Kona coffee that Corky brought from her Hawaiian vacation and asked if she could join us for dessert on thanksgiving. My mom said if that's what I want, she has no objection. Not a ringing endorsement, but not bad... We don't know yet if my Aunt will be there, or will be bringing one of her 90 year old friends. My folks haven't told any of the other family members, but that isn't a big deal, I'll tell her. Stopped at the store on the way home and we had dinner, The oldest passed his jazz band on line test, and I putzed around folding laundry.

Got up and got The Boys moving on cleaning their bedroom and bathroom. More laundry and went through all my snail mail and bills. Figured out what to cook for family dinner tonight because Corky came over after not seeing her since Friday. Ran to the store and came home to start dinner - porcupine balls, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and swiss chard, with icebox cake for dessert. Corky brought some movies and we watched Willy Wonka while enjoying dessert. A really good at home evening, and a relaxing ending to a relaxing weekend. Look for pictures tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good week!

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