Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend, though this was all of my own doing.

Drove on a field tip for The Youngest to the San Francisco Bay Model. It was a fun day, but I ran an art class with sketches inside the model, then at Fort Baker. Beautiful day, but would have enjoyed it more if I didn't drive, then work the entire time. A couple of pics from that:

The Youngest and Corky:

The View from Fort Baker:

We should have hiked the kids up to the bunkers and gotten some energy out. As it was, they were all insane on the way home, making the drive a bit of a headache. Would love to go back, just the four of us and have the time to pick what we want to do and when.

School was out for The Youngest a little early, so no art class. I was a bit stressed out in the afternoon / evening just trying to get The Oldest to not lie about his homework. He had to complete his math worksheet without the aid of a calculator as a result. That made us late out the door to get to SF to see Peter and the Starcatcher. It made me laugh my butt off, and de-stress, which is exactly what I needed. It was organized by one of the Mormon moms of friends of The Boys. I don't think she expected that Nanny would be played by a man, and mostly gay maintext. Also, the head pirate played it very foppish. Two of the gayest characters in a play I've seen in quite some time. Also? It was a fundraiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. The Boys LOVED it. Spent the rest of the weekend quoting the play. Home about midnight, and The Boys went directly to bed. I was up getting the dogs settled down until about 1:00.

Slept in a bit, and got to roasting a GIANT red beet, and several chioggia, all courtesy of Corky. Clogged my sink with the skins... Had to buy drain chemicals to unclog it. The Oldest completed his homework, or at least what he could with a missing science textbook. Laundry, shower, and redid my toenails. The ex picked up the boys at 5:00. This was his weekend with them... Of course that means my social life doesn't exist except on call. Corky came by to say hi to The Boys before they left, and we enjoyed some time alone before a quick trip to the store and for dinner. Then back home and a movie. Actually went to bed at a relatively decent hour after having fallen asleep on the couch.

The humongous red beet next to a chioggia:

 Once roasted and cooling:

Woke up kinda early for a weekend. That was fine because I still had most of the laundry to complete. Enjoyed my coffee while banging out some work for the middle school. A really big and yummy breakfast, and more laundry. added little pink hearts to my dark grey toenails. Putzed around some more. Dishes and more laundry. Watched The Heat at Corky's while cuddling on her bed - which was perfect to relax and laugh. The Boys came home at nearly 7pm, having done no homework and shoes wet & muddy. Started the shoes in the laundry, hung out with The Boys and relaxed some more.

Slept through my alarm, so of course woke up late for work time. Logged on to find absolutely nothing of any import. Took my shower and moved downstairs to see what The Boys were up to. Had The Oldest finish his homework and met with my boss. Mended a necktie for The Oldest and jazz band. Made plans for The Boys and a Nerf war later in the day with my BFF and her son. Haven't been spending much time with them because her son doesn't treat The Oldest very well, and with Corky, my free time is rather occupied... Frozen pizza for dinner because The Boys were all having so much fun, we didn't leave the park until dark, and stopped for a haircut for The Oldest, and Starbucks for us all. Interestingly, The Oldest kept wanting me to tell BFF about the play on Friday, and I had already told her, and he was being a pain about it, so I told him to tell the story, but he refused... BFF asked if Corky asked me to marry her. We didn't talk about it, other than me telling her that it has been a conversation, that I'm not ready, and I would have told her already if that is indeed what happened on Friday. I didn't ask what her opinion about that is, though I probably should, or why she assumed that was the news. Weird.

Pics from the park:

I hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing week!

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