Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gall Bladder update

An update:

The gallbladder was removed laparoscopically. It took longer than expected because it was full of puss, gangrenous, and  surrounded by a protective layer of fat. When detached from the liver, the inflamed liver bled like crazy and had to be patched. In recovery, he was having difficulty breathing and was delirious, thrashing (and likely shouting). They kept him in recovery extra long and sent him to ICU to keep a closer eye on him. So I spent pretty much all day (or afternoon and evening) at the hospital. I went home after they got him to ICU and Sis got there. Waiting to hear about his status today before planning when I will be there.
Side note:
Saw a Parrothead friend in the lobby, and her partner was just transferred from ICU (the same room dad went into). Thought I saw another friend from the second floor too, but missed her.

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