Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

And only 7 more Sundays until Christmas - let the insanity begin

A half day for The Youngest, followed by two days off of school. The annual Halloween parade and party, and I invited Corky. She loved it, and The Youngest loved having her there, as did I. I was able to introduce her to more parents at the elementary school, including the principal. It is all good, and I couldn't be happier with her, and with people being so cool.

Went to a school district training in the morning, and got ready for a party in the afternoon. Made a couple of treats (photos tomorrow) and BFF had a party. When we got there, about an hour early, she was stressed to the ceiling and ready to break down. Got her calmed, and probably pissed her off some too, and the party was okay - not a rager, and the kids decided to go out on their own. They did fine, even though I was concerned about The Youngest going with the older kids. They took care of him and made sure not to leave him behind. An hour and a half later, and they were back with FULL bags of candy. We stayed and visited, and it was cool. I feel like my kids aren't kids anymore and it must have happened when I blinked because I could swear they weren't old enough to do that. Then I remember being allowed to trick or treat with my friends at the same age. And so it goes. Drove The Boys back to the ex, and crashed when I got home.

I had a procedure to test for abnormal endometrial cells, in preparation for an endometrial ablation in the near future. I was prepared for pain, but it was relatively simple, quick and completely painless. Corky came with me just in case, and I took a sick day. Afterward, we ran a couple of errands and decided to get out of town, to one of my favorite local places. We went to Santa Cruz, and I showed her my version of the town which included lunch at Saturn Cafe, a walk on the mall, and a tour of UC Santa Cruz and the Yacht Harbor. It was a wonderful day, and I remember how badly I want to spend time like this with her. I love spending time with The Boys and Corky, but I also love having her all to myself, and being able to experience stuff just the two of us. I must remember to schedule more of these days. We hightailed it home (or went as quickly as one can in stop and go traffic on a Friday night, during rush hour), anticipating the return of The Boys after dinner, which ended up being after 9pm... Another communication fail from the ex.

I was able to sleep in, but that put me under the gun to complete some stuff before going to the High School band review. I did manage to bathe the dogs, but I didn't complete a presentation promised to the elementary school principal before leaving because it took four hours to get The Boys showered and dressed and out the door. That was likely due to the sugar crash they suffered when I awoke. They'd already been into their stash of Halloween candy for hours at that point, based on the sheer volume of wrappers strewn about the living room and kitchen. We sold Jelly Bellys for a couple of hours. (I know, I know - and I wouldn't have signed up, had I known I am supposed to be boycotting them...) It was a fundraiser for the middle school band - and the trip to Disneyland in the Spring. The Boys went back with the ex, and Corky, her roommate and I went to dinner. I did complete the presentation and sent it to the principal after 10pm, then to bed.

Slept a total of 13 hours - though with the time change it looked like 12... Felt WAY more rested when I did get up. BFF came by with some stuff for me to print, wrote a communication for the middle school, and went to Costco with Corky and her roommate. Hadn't been in about a decade. Managed to get out for only slightly over $100, but that included flea & tick medicine for the dogs. Dinner of soup & sandwich with Corky, and home to wait for The Boys. Sent text at 8pm asking when the ex was bringing them & he wasn't planning on it, even though he has always brought them home on Sunday night... He forgot that's what the norm was... Another communication fail, and it makes me wonder if he isn't winding up for another seizure. We've been doing this for a year and a half and he has never had them overnight on a Sunday... Weird.

I hope you all have a fruitful and encouraging week ahead!

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