Friday, November 22, 2013

The Sickness Descends

Like a familiar, knowing how to attack. A betrayal of your body on your life. You have been running around, doing more than you should and now your body has had it up to here with this shit and needs some time off. I know it really started when I couldn't get warm while sitting at the hair salon, with wet hair and fans on high. The rest of that day was spent trying to get warm (unsuccessfully), and I did take a nap because I'd not gotten enough sleep the night before. The rest of the week was as follows:
Tuesday - The Youngest at DI until 3:30 and in Fencing from 4:00-5:30. During that 90 minutes, The Oldest and I bought him some new jeans (which are now too short)... He grew taller, and thinner. Quick pizza dinner at the house, courtesy of Corky, and meeting at the Middle School from 7-8pm.
Wednesday - Both kids out early, and orthodontist for The Oldest at 2:30. Meeting at the Elementary School 3:30-4:30 and directly to the Middle School for a jazz band performance at the ribbon cutting of the new building until 7:30, then home to calm the dogs down before bed.
Thursday - Optometrist at 12:15, Therapy at 2:00 and Honors Night at the Middle School 7:00-8:00. Home and turkey prep for the Elementary School harvest feast. As a vegetarian, I find it highly ironic that I cook a turkey every year. vick's vapor rub on my soles and socks on, eucalyptus oil drops on my shirt and in bed by 10:00, which was awesome.
Friday - up at 5:00 to get the turkey in the oven. Back to bed until 6:30. Youngest to school by 8:25, then back to the school by 10:00 with the now cooked bird. Working at home so I can try to be well for the rest of the weekend.

Monday for the wrap up.

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