Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tableau Tuesday 7/29/2014

Here we are at a Tableau Tuesday, with Pics of the week.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A nice long and really HOT weekend. Over 100 degrees at home for days and days, no end in sight.

Found out in the morning that my Mom is going for surgery on Monday (with a cancellation of the surgeon's). Took the afternoon off of work, picked up Corky and headed out of town to San Francisco to celebrate the occasion of a year together. Checked into the Palace hotel and relaxed for a little while. Went to the Pied Piper for drinks, and then to Source for dinner. dinner was disappointing. The food is what I see as a new trend. Vegetarian and Vegan meals made for a carnivore's palate. Most meals feature soy based meat-like products and their all vegetable dish was just so-so. Corky's was OK for  her, but featured a spice that made me a bit gaggy. We left feeling bloated and a bit ill and walked it off for a couple of miles back to the hotel. During the walk, Corky had poop (hopefully dog) splashed onto her pant leg, which was pointed out near a CVS. We bought tissues and hand sanitizer, cleaned her off and continued. It was brisk and I ended up chilled when we got back. After all of that, we chose to just retire to bed, lest additional crappy things happen.

Our acctual anniversary of our first date. Slept in a bit and headed to the Ferry Building for brunch. It was already 70+ degrees. Had quiche and coffee and a cinnamon roll, all of which were delicious. The quiche was especially amazing. Walked around the building and the street fair and attempted to catch a streetcar headed to the wharf. Two completely jammed cars went by us and we decided to try a taxi. None were near or stopping, all were full already. We and two other people, who were so nice decided to try a water taxi. for $30, they would take all 4 of us to the wharf. OK, so a bit more than the $2 per person for the streetcar, but it was on the water, and not like sardines, sweating in a hot car... We boarded with a cute little family of three, toddler included, and cast off. With the temperature hovering near 85, on the water was the perfect place to be. The ride took about 15 minutes, but he idled us around pier 39's famous sea lions, and Forbes Island, as well as up close to the seaward side of the SS Jeramiah O'Brien and the USS Pampanito. We disembarked closer to the Maritime Museum, and walked the wharf, stopping at the Musée Mécanique, and Pier 39 where I had my ear cartilage re-pierced. Yes it hurts just as much this time as it did the last, making me wonder if I should have just done a different spot... Walked back to the car as it had now cooled to about 75 degrees. Headed back to our side of the bay and stopped at Treasure Island to see the view and find the Doggie Diner heads. Stopped for dinner at our favorite place ever, Mangia Mi. Dinner and dessert were fabulous as always, and despite the 95 degree heat, it was a pleasant evening.

The final dual swim meet before championships, and The Boys swam well, beating times in about half of their races. It was over 100 degrees and backstroke suffered as a result of being at the end of the meet. The team did win though, and finished the season undefeated. That was a great result, and now we only have champs next week. We came home, showered and changed and headed to Sis' house for her boyfriend's 50th birthday party. It was fun, and I enjoy his family. Mom was subdued, as expected while thinking of her surgery. My Sister's BF is a really great guy and deserves all the happiness he has brought to Sis and Nephews. We then went to the pool for the annual swim team "sleep" over. Set up our tent and I sat to visit with one of my classmates from 5th grade. I met two other families, one with a husband from Ireland, and the other couple from Scotland. It was great, and they are both so very nice. We sat up drinking and talking, and I finally got The Youngest to go to sleep at midnight, with a warning to The Oldest to not cause any trouble (he didn't). But I awoke with a start at 4:30 to find no trace of The Oldest in the tent. I walked to the other side of the pool grounds to find all of the 15-18's and the managers sitting around visiting, and my 13 year old completely amped up on Coca-cola. One of the young men got him to go to bed by telling him that he wasn't old enough to stay up all night. He groused all the way back to the tent where he fell asleep in under 2 minutes.

Woke up at 7:15 a little bleary eyed, packed up and headed home. Went to check on BFF's mom and animals, but her mom decided to stay the weekend, so I have no responsibilities there, which had I known, I would have been slower to get home. Went home and crashed for 5 hours while The Boys vegged out in the heat. When I woke up, Corky was here, we talked and she went home to her air conditioning. We ended up having Frozen Yogurt instead of dinner, because it's hot, we're all tired, and none of us wanted to cook. Early to bed to face tomorrow and the rest of the week, come what may. See tomorrow for photos of the weekend.

Have a pleasant week all!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Last week brought some shit news. My mom has cancer. again. This is the third time around with breast cancer. The last rounds were 19 and 9 years ago (which simultaneously seems a long time ago and only yesterday). I guess I kind of knew before she told me, but I wasn't sure what was coming. I'd had a weird twinge in the same place that her cancer is, and Diane has been on my mind lately. Diane died of cancer not yet a year ago, and I mused out loud about this while on the phone to my mom (poor, I mean really poor timing and choice to share). I've talked to her since the initial news and today is her appointment with her surgeon. So I am asking for positive vibes, good will, prayers, or any small thought for my mother. I hope for her courage and clarity. She's the only mother I have, and while we have had our disagreements, we do love each other.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Another one?

Yes another mouse - two in one day is a bit much and has left me wondering exactly how long two dead animals were in The Oldest's room. Of course, then my over active, X-Files fueled imagination goes to Hanta virus...
WebMD, here I come.

The killings continue

Today's murder was courtesy of the cat. The Oldest found a mouse in his room, in the middle of the floor. I would have missed it entirely for the mess of his room, so thankfully he recognized a difference. She didn't disembowel the poor thing (thankfully), so getting it out of his room was rather simple. Hopefully the blood lust of the pets is now satiated and we can once again live in peace and harmony.

Monday Morning weekend wrap up

This weekend was a combination of highs and lows.

The boys had swim practice and Corky had the day off. She'd spent the previous night, and we slept in our own homes last night. Her roommate is vacationing and Corky is caring for their dog and house. Grocery shopped in the evening and a pasta dinner to carbo load for Saturday. In bed a little early.

Early morning swim meet against the likeliest to best our team. Had a bit of a fall out before the meet when Corky came by and lamented that The Boys don't do enough to help get ready. She's right, I know she is, and I know they should be doing more, but I cannot stand the fighting that happens in the mornings as it is, then to add to that turns my stomach sour. So Corky and I disagreed, which in turn amped up my stress, which then upset her more. It was a cycle I didn't need to get into. We both apologized, and I warned her that I did what I did to make it easier on me. Then on the way to the meet, I talked to the boys about helping more on swim mornings, and they agreed that they could make lunches and pack the car and ice chest while I made the breakfast burritos. Corky came to watch and support The Boys, and I heard a couple of times how awesome the other swim parents think it is that she is there supporting us. I think it's pretty awesome too, and it shows how invested in our family she is. The Oldest swam his personal bests in all of his swims, and earned points for the team while The Youngest swam slower. If I recall correctly, we had this same phenomenon with The Oldest two years ago. As long as they both swim their best, I am good with it. Ran into a mom from school with kids on the opposing team and had a nice chat. Came home and crashed, while Corky was at work and The Boys vegged out. Woke up too warm and still tired and picked up dinner. Finished reading the first two books in Deborah Harkness' trilogy. I'd previously read them, but with the publishing of the final book, I wanted to revisit these worlds. Had a weird dream (previous post).

Had to get the dream out of my brain and written somewhere. Spent the morning back in the world of Daemons, Witches and Vampires. Made a fruit salad, picked up Corky and we headed to a family BBQ. The Boys got to meet the new baby and it was a nice afternoon. Home to veg a bit and Corky returned. We spent some quality time together, and I began cooking dinner. One of the dogs got a hold of the female robin in the backyard and had its neck snapped before we could get in to protect her. Corky thought it might just be in shock, and tried to resuscitate to no avail. We declared the bird deceased amidst many tears and sadness. Corky hates seeing animals hurt. I think it died instantly, but I didn't say so because I didn't want to upset her further. All four of us cried while the dogs looked at us like we were insane. I am sad that a nice day ended in a traumatic way and I hurt for Corky's tender heart. More reading before bed and facing another week of work and swimming.

I hope your week goes well.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well that was a weird dream.

A good weird, not a scary weird.

I was in New York (maybe). I'd been with Liz (a dear friend I do not see nearly enough). She was showing me what Spot does when you scratch under her chin. The sound was kind of a shushing mixed with a grunting. It was a bit odd, but adorable. At some point in the dream, I was walking Spot and was to send her up to Andy & Liz' quarters, and wait for them to come down to the common room. I had a key to turn the dead bolt and there was some sort of riddle or puzzle to solve before the door would open, and Spot raced up the stairs. I turned and entered the common room to find a large gathering of bikini clad co-eds. I worked my way to the bar, ducking beach balls and enjoying the views. I had no idea that they lived at a women's college, and told Them both as I sat down. Andy was in high spirits, cracking jokes with various people and being very entertaining, but never leering at the scantily clad young women. He really only ever has had eyes for Liz, who was whipping up something in the bar top blender.

That is when I woke up. I can't help but think the setting and mystery around getting Spot upstairs is related to the trilogy I am currently reading. Perhaps that Andy and Liz and Spot feature in the dream is a desire to reconnect. Oh, Spot is a chihuahua. I've been rereading the first two books of Deborah Harkness' trilogy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tableau Tuesday - yeah, a day late - whatever

So this past weekend found Corky and I camping on the banks of the American River. It was a nice relaxing time, and completely off line, no cell service and no wifi. I brought books, but found that all of my time was spent just being. Fresh air, warm sun and cold water did so very much to soothe my soul and help me reconnect with real reality, with people and dirt and sun and water. This was the perfect trip for me.

Earlier this summer, The Boys and I set off for the beach and I took some pics at the shore in Santa Cruz. This has been a relatively relaxing summer, and I have been trying not to over extend myself in commitments.

So the slides of so far this summer:

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Many thoughts in my brain

and I need to get them out.

This past week was my 47th birthday. I spent the day with Corky and The Boys, mostly in Berkeley. Swim practice in the morning, Blondies for a slice at lunch, Adventure Playground for the afternoon, Saturn Cafe for dinner and Fenton's for ice cream dessert. It was a long and fun and tiring day, and I was able to spend it doing the things I enjoy. The one down for the day was BFF not contacting me in any way. No text, call, nothing. Just another in a line of disappointments with that friendship. It makes me sad that I can see myself outgrowing the very one sided friendship. When I have the need for a friend, she is not there, but I am expected to drop everything to come to her aid. I have felt myself pulling away, including stopping myself from volunteering to fix things around her house, while I have plenty to do at mine. There was a time I would have jumped at the chance to do anything for her, but it has been rather one sided for a while, and it is tiring.

The 4th of July was split between an 8 hour shift volunteering and with the friends I don't see often enough, Corky and BFF. Selling fireworks was fun and I got to see several people I haven't seen in a while. The BBQ was lots of good food and drinks. We left a couple of hours after fireworks started in the surrounding neighborhoods because my dogs were home freaking out. Got home, and they were shaky until we sat with them and calmed them down.

The weekend was spent working around the house, taking several trips to the hardware store, and remembering that WD-40 was initially designed as a solvent and when used to remove spray paint works well. When followed by washing with Dawn dish soap, it makes clean up a snap. Made rainbow solar lights, and a couple extras for The Boys' rooms. This will hopefully be the solution to the night light requests. The Oldest's broke in a way that only allows it to be on really bright, and The Youngest was using a length of rope light. Neither situation was ideal, but I hadn't yet found a workable solution for pubescent boys. I also repaired a screen for The Oldest's bedroom, put together 3 oscillating fans for the bedrooms, did laundry (though, to be fair, Corky did half), and started packing for an upcoming camping trip.

Also this weekend, the ex taught The Oldest how to shave his face, AND ride a bike! Wow - I thought the kid might never ride a two wheeled vehicle of any kind. Oh, and The Youngest is now proudly sporting 3 underarm hairs on one side only... They are growing up quickly.