Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning weekend wrap up

This weekend was a combination of highs and lows.

The boys had swim practice and Corky had the day off. She'd spent the previous night, and we slept in our own homes last night. Her roommate is vacationing and Corky is caring for their dog and house. Grocery shopped in the evening and a pasta dinner to carbo load for Saturday. In bed a little early.

Early morning swim meet against the likeliest to best our team. Had a bit of a fall out before the meet when Corky came by and lamented that The Boys don't do enough to help get ready. She's right, I know she is, and I know they should be doing more, but I cannot stand the fighting that happens in the mornings as it is, then to add to that turns my stomach sour. So Corky and I disagreed, which in turn amped up my stress, which then upset her more. It was a cycle I didn't need to get into. We both apologized, and I warned her that I did what I did to make it easier on me. Then on the way to the meet, I talked to the boys about helping more on swim mornings, and they agreed that they could make lunches and pack the car and ice chest while I made the breakfast burritos. Corky came to watch and support The Boys, and I heard a couple of times how awesome the other swim parents think it is that she is there supporting us. I think it's pretty awesome too, and it shows how invested in our family she is. The Oldest swam his personal bests in all of his swims, and earned points for the team while The Youngest swam slower. If I recall correctly, we had this same phenomenon with The Oldest two years ago. As long as they both swim their best, I am good with it. Ran into a mom from school with kids on the opposing team and had a nice chat. Came home and crashed, while Corky was at work and The Boys vegged out. Woke up too warm and still tired and picked up dinner. Finished reading the first two books in Deborah Harkness' trilogy. I'd previously read them, but with the publishing of the final book, I wanted to revisit these worlds. Had a weird dream (previous post).

Had to get the dream out of my brain and written somewhere. Spent the morning back in the world of Daemons, Witches and Vampires. Made a fruit salad, picked up Corky and we headed to a family BBQ. The Boys got to meet the new baby and it was a nice afternoon. Home to veg a bit and Corky returned. We spent some quality time together, and I began cooking dinner. One of the dogs got a hold of the female robin in the backyard and had its neck snapped before we could get in to protect her. Corky thought it might just be in shock, and tried to resuscitate to no avail. We declared the bird deceased amidst many tears and sadness. Corky hates seeing animals hurt. I think it died instantly, but I didn't say so because I didn't want to upset her further. All four of us cried while the dogs looked at us like we were insane. I am sad that a nice day ended in a traumatic way and I hurt for Corky's tender heart. More reading before bed and facing another week of work and swimming.

I hope your week goes well.

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