Monday, July 7, 2014

Many thoughts in my brain

and I need to get them out.

This past week was my 47th birthday. I spent the day with Corky and The Boys, mostly in Berkeley. Swim practice in the morning, Blondies for a slice at lunch, Adventure Playground for the afternoon, Saturn Cafe for dinner and Fenton's for ice cream dessert. It was a long and fun and tiring day, and I was able to spend it doing the things I enjoy. The one down for the day was BFF not contacting me in any way. No text, call, nothing. Just another in a line of disappointments with that friendship. It makes me sad that I can see myself outgrowing the very one sided friendship. When I have the need for a friend, she is not there, but I am expected to drop everything to come to her aid. I have felt myself pulling away, including stopping myself from volunteering to fix things around her house, while I have plenty to do at mine. There was a time I would have jumped at the chance to do anything for her, but it has been rather one sided for a while, and it is tiring.

The 4th of July was split between an 8 hour shift volunteering and with the friends I don't see often enough, Corky and BFF. Selling fireworks was fun and I got to see several people I haven't seen in a while. The BBQ was lots of good food and drinks. We left a couple of hours after fireworks started in the surrounding neighborhoods because my dogs were home freaking out. Got home, and they were shaky until we sat with them and calmed them down.

The weekend was spent working around the house, taking several trips to the hardware store, and remembering that WD-40 was initially designed as a solvent and when used to remove spray paint works well. When followed by washing with Dawn dish soap, it makes clean up a snap. Made rainbow solar lights, and a couple extras for The Boys' rooms. This will hopefully be the solution to the night light requests. The Oldest's broke in a way that only allows it to be on really bright, and The Youngest was using a length of rope light. Neither situation was ideal, but I hadn't yet found a workable solution for pubescent boys. I also repaired a screen for The Oldest's bedroom, put together 3 oscillating fans for the bedrooms, did laundry (though, to be fair, Corky did half), and started packing for an upcoming camping trip.

Also this weekend, the ex taught The Oldest how to shave his face, AND ride a bike! Wow - I thought the kid might never ride a two wheeled vehicle of any kind. Oh, and The Youngest is now proudly sporting 3 underarm hairs on one side only... They are growing up quickly.

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