Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesdays and I need a new name

So I had an idea this morning at 3ish while driving home from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I was listening to a replay of Derrick and Romaine And they were taking calls about "A Night of Drinking That Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong". I have certainly had my share of these, but they wouldn't fill more than 2 months of Wanton or Wild or Wicked Wednesdays Weird Wednesdays seems a bit more in step with what happened today, so I'll start with Weird Wednesday tales. This is eerily similar to earlier weird tales of my home. The temperatures here have been hovering just around 100 degrees. Yesterday afternoon, the office/playroom started smelling weird - like melted poo. This morning I spent some time trying to locate where the dog or cat may have left something. It wasn't until late this afternoon that I was able to sniff out the dead, bloated and rotting roof rat. Thankfully, The Dude was able to get it out in one piece, but that left a trail of smell. I sprayed everything down with Febreeze, opened the window, turned up the fan, and shut the door. Two hours later, everything was good to go. I have to wonder when my Little fur butt brought that treat in - this week? while we were on vacation? It makes my skin crawl really. I will regale you with tales of my Drunken nights gone horribly wrong starting next week. In the meantime - vote in the poll at right for your favorite alliterative Wednesday name.


Anonymous said...

Eeeewwww! As I told Butler and Bagman, this is precisely why I do not have pets! Glad you were able to sniff out the dirty rat.

I cast my vote!

Martha said...

Lovely! LOL! Came over by way of Audrey's post this morning. Gotta love our pets! I'll be back because I sure don't want to miss drunken nights gone wrong! :-)

Sara Williams said...

Animals! what are they like!

Barry said...

Score another point for Frebreeze!

Now bring on the Wonton Wednesday posts!


Gordon said...

None strike my fancy. My write-in vote is "Wobbly Wednesdays". That is, of course, if you're not going to have "Whatzit Wednesdays".