Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my Evil Twin, Pamela Anderson. We are both 42 today. I wonder what she is doing to celebrate our birthday. I wonder if, like me, she will be shuttling kids around, picking up people at the airport, packing and shopping for a 4th of July water holiday. Is her day going to pass with little fanfare? Is she going to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, or having a luxurious respite at some swanky spa?
Allow me to elaborate on how I spent my 42nd Birthday:
Left the house to drop off The Boys at Oma and Opa's at about 9:30. Had no gas in my car, and when I went to pay for the gas, found my ATM card expired yesterday. Used the $8 I had on me. Shopped for groceries for a camping trip. While at the store (pretty much smack dab in the middle of said store), got a call from a friend stating his flight just landed (nearly an hour ahead of schedule). This was after The Dude dropped the bomb that I needed to even go to the airport because he had to finish a couple of contracting jobs today, and teach CPR tonight. Finished shopping, picked up The Boys and sent them with my car and shopping partner to her house. Borrowed Oma's car, drove to the airport to pick up friend, and drove him to his home (about 90 miles away). Got back to shopping partners house to find The Boys swimming with her boys - totally cool. Dropped Oma's car off at her house. Went to the bank to order another ATM card, because mine was not at home. Took out cash and filled up my car. While driving by DMV decided to stop and see how bad the lines were, as my license also expired today. The line was at least an hour long and I only had 45 minutes to drop off shopping partner, pick up The Boys, get back home, get them changed, pack up the car and get to their swim meet. Made it, no problem. Sis and I were scheduled both to work first shift, so I traded for 2nd shift with another person, and got The boys to the races on time. The Youngest had me draw a shark on his back, but he only wanted a baby shark! The Oldest agreed to no more writing on his back unless I approve it first. They swam against alot of kids from their class, friends from soccer and baseball, and the kids of a friend of mine whom I have known since the third grade. My Mom and Dad were there, and brought cupcakes, and sang Happy Birthday to me, and then did Happy Birthday in Opera Cat. It's difficult to explain, but at some point I will have The Oldest do it for the camera, and I'll post it here. Everyone had a blast until The Youngest crashed out at about 9:30. They hardly whined or fought, so I knocked down their sit-up balance, and I'm completely pooped! Oh, and I didn't have much chance to eat, except for a couple of snacks and a cupcake. Oh, and The Dude cancelled his CPR class, and forgot about the meet, so I set up and took down all the stuff, with the help of my nephew, sis and bro in law!
And because it's my Birthday too:

And we certainly cannot ever forget this:


Sarah Lulu said...

Happy Birthday!

So so so much better than Pamela's day and you look prettier too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday J9!

Pam who? All I heard about on Entertainment Tonight was J9!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Birthday J9! You look mahvalous darling!

Gordon said...

Happy Birthday, J9! If you look like Pam, I guess that's fine. But, I would bet a Bass
That you're the one with the class.
I hate to see you sad today,
From missing all my whatzit play.
Ms. Audrey and Noe Noe girl's
Brains are in a hopeless swirl.
They need your help, in whatzit land.
They need a friend to hold their hand.

Anonymous said...

Oh J9, with Gordon's poetry, who could be sad? He cracks me up! And yes, we do need our friend to hold our hand!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a day! You need some rest and relaxation. Your kindness is far more beautiful and becoming than surgically enhanced Pam.
Have an excellent weekend.

Chef E said...

Yes...Happy Birthday! I also had one in June, and celebrated three weeks in my home town Texas...Hope yours was a good one!fled

Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday, J9! I hope it was a great one.

Silly Pam has nothing on you. I'll bet she would collapse if she had to follow you around for one day.

You rock, J9!