Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Was unable to pull it together enough to submit on either challenge over the weekend - oh well... I miss my FS and SS peeps.
Spent some of the afternoon with The Boys, and their friend. Played in a water park nearby, and everyone had fun. I was able to visit with my friend (mom of their friend), and relax a bit. The Boys went to bed early in anticipation of Saturday Swim Meet. The Meet was at the pool closest to our house, which meant not leaving the house quite so early, AND The Boys swam against many of their friends from school and Tae Kwon Do.
The Dude in standard pose at the Swim Meet
The Boys did well in the Swim Meet. The Oldest beat his Butterfly time by about 6 seconds, and The Youngest beat his Breast Stroke Record, barely. Missed seeing Sis and Nephews because they were at a soccer tournament. I'm sure the team suffered without them there, but I haven't checked the meet score. Just checked, and yeah we got creamed. But the boys had a blast, and although it was HOT, I enjoyed myself too. Got some decent photos, which you will see below.
Kilroy Was Here We have Splash Down!Ice Cream Time!The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house, doing laundry.
Planned on taking The Boys to a different water park, packed lunches and got them in swimsuits and in the car. Ran back into the house for towels and when I got back to the car, The Youngest was beating the crap out of The Oldest who was screaming. Sent The Youngest into the house, got in the car, started it and asked The Oldest what he did to have this all happen. Turns out, they called each other idiot, The Oldest pinched The Youngest, and The Youngest was hitting The Oldest when I returned. I turned off the car and sent The Oldest back into the HOT house. So much for a cooling time at a water park. They were generally pissed off and crying the rest of the afternoon, but in the evening they played well together and surfed You Tube for funny Sponge Bob videos.
Other random things:
The fur butt cat brought a LIVE rat into the house and deposited in The Boys' room.
The Dude and I got in an argument over the DVR and my wanting to daily record Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and how that messes up his weekly recording of several items. The reason for the mess is that all of these daily shows ALWAYS list as first run, and as such record 3-5 times each day. And they are prioritized higher than his shows, so he's missing a number of them. The compromise is I manually record Rachel Maddow once a day, and The Daily Show and Colbert Report at 5:30 the next morning.
I got to sleep in on Sunday, which I think is fair since The Dude naps every day.
I really hate Mondays.
I'm doing better on remembering to take my High Blood Pressure medicine every day.
The Boys are doing well in helping to keep the house a bit tidier.
I love British accents.
Facebook is like crack.
I'm sad and bitter about not being able to buy my in-laws home.
I miss all the friends The Dude has alienated over the years.
Torchwood is tonight, so maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

J0 - you have been missed! Thanks for the update - sounds like a very hectic weekend. to be a young boy who fights with his brother ;)

GingerV said...

sounds to me like everyone in the household especially you are very tired - maybe time out would be good. seems to me (from a distance) that families now days try to fill every moment with an activity, where is the lying in a hammock and dreaming? where is lying under a shade tree and reading? and why pray tell can a weekly tv show not be missed? I can see being sad but why bitter about buying the house? downtime/dreaming/regroup - get some real rest.