Monday, July 20, 2009


Audrey got this WHATZIT no sweat
Right out of the gate, you can bet
I will make these tougher I rant
She correctly called an Aloe Vera PlantGuess the item pictured for fun
It will help you heal from the sun
We have them in the Pacific Northwest
Can we see who guesses best?


Anonymous said...

an aloe vera plant?

J9 said...

Congratulations to Audrey go
The first guess and they'll be no more!

Gordon said...

Wait! Wait! You're both wrong! That's the hand of a Martian! See the fingernails?
I can't believe you girls did this to me. Audrey gave me no chance. Oh, and also, J9, you're easy!

Are you guys ever going to guess my whatzit?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Show offs! I missed it again!

Chef E said...

Oh you guys are so much fun! As keen of an eye that I have, I guess I have been focused on food for way too long!

We missed you J9!

Gordon said...

J9, my frequent whatzit buddy.
Ginger's answer was a fuddy duddy.
How could you put your trust in her?
Find the answer! Don't be deterred!