Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Monday

Still feeling tropical:
Take It Back
I especially love the steel pans on this one. This song is about getting the America Cup back from Australia, which made me think of this:

I will warn you to not watch this if you are at all shocked or offended by a gay man in very little clothing, but to die for heels. I saw this tour, and holy crap was it AWESOME live and in person. I also thought this had something to do with the Seoul Olympics (It does not, but the official video had he logo in it).
Which made me wonder whether there was a song written about this year's world cup - that sent me on a search, and what I found is the official theme song/commercial and a song competition that had been running since the 2006 world cup and shut down this year by FIFA's attourneys. I'll have to keep my ears open for anything sneaking into pop songs this summer.

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