Monday, June 7, 2010

Gaaaah - BOYS!

Today was a rough one for The Boys, The Oldest in particular. While The Youngest whined and threw a fit about no play date after school, and said it was the worst day EVER!, That is actually normal behavior for him, and I mostly just ignore it and he stops. I get that he needs to vent, and he can, until it infringes on my life in a way that is disruptive. In fact, we spent about an hour after school at the playground so they could just play with friends. During that time, The Oldest swore and behaved inappropriately with one of his friends (and not the one with whom this usally occurs). This got him a time out, 10 push ups and a pepperocini to eat.

They both totally pigged out when we got home, first on crackers and cheese and ham, then on cereal, then cheetos. Dinner was leftovers - cheeseburger half for The Youngest and pasta for The Oldest. Swim practice went great for The Youngest, and I wasn't paying particular attention, but did notice that I hadn't really seen The Oldest swim. When I did start really looking for him, I found him bouncing on one end of the lane and hanging on the lane lines. I walked over and pointed for him to swim the lane, to which he shook his head. I asked his coach if she'd directed him to stay on this end of the pool, to which she replied, "No. He said his stomach hurts." I told her that he is full of crap and just bought himself 50 pushups for when we got home. She said that she'll keep that in mind for the future. Practice ended, and I told The Oldest that he just wasted an hour playing around when he should have been swimming, and he now had 50 pushups before bed, PLUS, his class is going on a field trip to the pool tomorrow and I am going to have one of the moms make sure that he spends an hour swimming laps to make up the time he wasted tonight. He was pissed! Though he did remind me of the pepper and 10 other push ups he still owed me from the afternoon, so for his honesty, I knocked off 10 of the push ups.

It took 30 minutes for him to finish the slice of pepper, all the while giving a performance worthy of an Oscar nod from the Academy. Another 15 minutes for the push ups, and I was ready to pull my hair out - I did some deep breathing, and I will go to bed soon.

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