Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take a moment

And send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing and helpful energy. I'm thinking of changing Thursdays into thinking of you Thursdays, with my heartfelt hopes for good health.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it.
Barry - His palliative care team has taken away the pain, and now he starts another round of chemo, and will  be in the hospital for 5 days over Father's Day.
Hanan - The rod placed in her spine for strength was fine with her return home this week. Now she has an infection of unknown origin and is back in the hospital.
Audrey - Cancer is back, this time in her neck.
Abby - Solo circumnavigating the globe, this 16 year old has lost contact with her support team and sent manual emergency beacons - twice. She is 40 hours away by boat.
Jet - My godmother, who had biopsies this week on lumps found in her breasts.

May good health always be your's,



Bagman and Butler said...

Thanks for reminding me to pause in my blog-reading this morning to say some prayers. What a thoughtful post!

Cheryl said...

Thanks J9 for this great post. Prayers outward bound.