Friday, June 11, 2010

My Town Shoot Out - Public Art.

Public Art is the choice this week from Barry and Linda. "Public Art is the way our various towns represent themselves to the outside world. By definition Public Art is artwork that is free, publicly displayed and tells the world something about us. Often it is represented by the ubiquitous general on his horse, sword raised in triumph, the poet in his robes clutching his books to his chest, the heroine in flowing robes. Sometimes it represents a famous moment in local, national or world history or transports us back in time to remind us of our roots.

In a more modern context it may be represented by a work that is more abstract and serves as a design element to bring a public building to life.

Whatever it is in the context of your town, here is your chance to share it with us for next Friday's shoot out!"
I encourage you to go and see everyone's contributions here or here.

I decided to look up the Public Art here in Dublin, as I've photographed much of it already, and actually thought I'd done most - I was horribly wrong! I went here, printed the map, and headed out the door. I did shoot 2 places I'd never been to, and couldn't find the art listed at two others. All were shot between 5 and 6PM June 10th.
My first find is Archway:
And a detail:
And Black Pool, which evidently from which the name Dublin was derived.

Happy Weekend all!


Kerry said...

One of the best things about FSO is how it makes us seek out places in our communities that we haven't explored too much. I like the mosaic arch at your park. Never knew "black pool" was the meaning of Dublin!

Ann said...

Blackpool and Dublin , all very British. The arch is very nice.

Doreen said...

I love the archway! it is so beautiful!! I agree with Kerry, FSO is getting us all out and about in our towns to explore.

Bagman and Butler said...

I, too, agree with Kerry although I seldom follow that good reminder. By the time Friday is rolling around, I'm usually exploring my archives instead of getting out and creating more.

Cheryl said...

These are lovely, J9. Thanks for dropping by my place. I is a comment ho too!

J9 said...

I agree with Kerry that FSO is having me branch out to locations I've never been, and talking to more and more people about my fair city!

Rebecca said...

Interesting...I live in Upper Dublin Twp. Makes me wonder about the names origins.

Redlan said...

Unique and very artistic! It amazed me especially the first photo.