Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I need a rant

So this is the deal - I am stressed out beyond belief right now.

At work I found out that the person who is supposed to come help me and was offered the job, had the offer retracted because she is in CA. seriously. It has taken MONTHS to get through the bureaucracy. The ONLY other applicant who was equally qualified is also in CA. Now it's back to the drawing board with more MONTHS before I can get ANY HELP WHATSOEVER.

I'm fried. done. I was working insane 12-14 hour days just so this person wouldn't have a backlog to wade through, but now? Now I don't particularly give a flying fuck. My backlog will continue to grow because of the way the team is being run, so I guess the importance of what I do will have to be escalated to leadership so that they can do something about it. My current backlog puts me 7-8 weeks behind in immediate responses, so if anyone wants a process audit, they go to the bottom of the list, to be completed much later this Summer.

This doesn't even touch on how this makes all of the CA workforce feel in regard to opportunity, and whether they will be cut first. I think the writing is on the wall.

I'm taking the next 2 days off of work to take The Boys on their annual class camping trip - it will be nice to not be anywhere near a computer, but the trip has it's own stresses. I had to pack the car tonight because we leave at the beginning of the school day tomorrow. The nice part is that the kids run it all - they put together the menu, do all the shopping (with their teachers), plan who does what and when, set up all the tents, and clean it all up at the end. I set up a chair and watch. I did agree to lead a group in the hike tomorrow, but only if another parent came with me as a co-leader. It's fun to see all the new parents with their own stresses about the trip, and to know that they will come out the other side having enjoyed it immensely.

The Boys have started swim practice and their first meet is in 10 days... There is stress associated with swim team as well - political jockeying mostly.

No clue what I will be doing with The Boys over Summer break. I am hoping The Dude can take a class that coincides with swim practice so he can take them and I can work. Otherwise, I may be on calls while at the college and The Boys are in the pool. I hear the science building has the best WiFi, so I'll give it a shot.

I'm tired and have a LONG and BUSY day tomorrow, but I feel better after the brain dump, so maybe now I can sleep.

I don't want to forget that I have a GREAT frugal post coming, just haven't been able to sit and type it all out!

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