Sunday, June 6, 2010

And she heaves a heavy sigh at the thought of yet another week

Spent Thursday and Friday on a camp out with The Boys' class and it was very fun to not be anywhere near cell phone reception or a computer. Went on a couple of hikes and to the beach and generally had alot of fun! The Youngest had his final baseball game and end of season party on Saturday, and The Boys started swim practice over the week. Today will be a lazy day at home (for them). I will be doing laundry and cleaning (maybe), and working in the garden (also maybe). I processed over 500 images from the campout and posted them for the other families to see, and have nearly done all the laundry. I'm tired too.

The photos I took during the campout were mostly of people, but I did get a few images that are kind of cool.

A portion of the Redwood Forest:
And the salt marsh that more closely resembled a Scottish Moor:
A friend at The Beach:
The mascot of my Alma Mater:
And my adorable Boys in a meadow:

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Kathryn Magendie said...

Love the photos! Nice to be somewhere where you don't have connections at every turn! I've come to the point where many times if I'm going out of town, I leave behind my laptop - even at book events....just for a break :)