Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Take a Moment - Right now, and send a prayer, a good vibe, or healing, helpful and loving energy. My heartfelt hopes for good health to you and everyone.

This is my list for today, so if you are reading, send a positive thought or prayer for these people - they could really use it. Updates are at the end, with gratitude for your help!

Barry - He's had the fluid drained from the sacs around his lungs, had some complications, and was in ICU for a bit. He's now in the Thoracic wing, getting rest, hydrated and preparing for additional draining of fluids. My prayers are not just for him, but for his wife Linda to help her deal with navigating all of the medical stuff along with the G20 being in her town, near the hospital.
Mel - Recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she suffered a stroke last week and reduced blood cell counts, and her chemo is postponed to deal with those.
Audrey - Still praying for her.
Jacob - a nearly 2 year old who's family is dealing as best they can with his recent diagnosis of Leigh Syndrome.
Rick - a very dear friend who has sunk so low in his depression that he is admitting himself for psychiatric observation this week.

Great News:
Jet - My godmother, who now has a path forward in her treatment, that only includes a lumpectomy and radiation - no chemo!
Hanan - Is now home, and up and around!

May good health always be your's,


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