Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No One Said Life Would Be Easy

Life is frequently anything but easy. Life in fact sucks a whole lot. Life can be good, and it can be sunshine and rainbows, but in reality, it frequently is not. Life is about living, and living takes its toll on you. Life makes you tired, and sad, and angry. Life is also about Love and love will break your heart.

However sad and bitter that all sounds, Life is worthwhile. Love can make you soar with the clouds, can make everything sunny and shiny and new. Love makes you want to tell everyone you know how great life is. Love makes people get along, get together, get it on. Living in this life is happy and sad. It is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I love my life, in all its messy glory. I am here for a reason. I have a purpose. I live my life. I follow my path. There are lessons to learn and relearn and teach and reteach. There are people to know and people to KNOW. There are people who need to know me and who I am and what I am about.

This past weekend brought philosophical and theological discussions with the generation above mine, and it was all very intense and eye opening. I learned things about my family that they didn't even know they were revealing. It made me think and reflect on my life, on the 7 sins and virtues, and what the purpose of life really is. I came to the decision that to truly live my life, it has to be about Love. I love myself, and my family.

Oh, and this week I've been REALLY missing Freddy Mercury.

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