Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

While completely mired in the usual crap, and all of the additional crap Monday through Friday, I usually like to have nice easy relaxing weekends. Then about 4 times a year, I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to do something that will make me sweat, and make my back ache like a mother fucker. This was that weekend.

Friday was ordinary - laundry and grocery shopping. Then The Dude took The Boys to his indoor soccer game. They left at 7pm, and were going to be back around 9:30. He brought them home at midnight. Yes midnight. Despite the fact he said he'd bring them home if he wanted to go out, he thought it would be ok to take them to a restaurant/bar until midnight...

Saturday - The Boys were in crappy moods all day - wonder why. They both had games - The Youngest had soccer and The Oldest had football. Came home and I completed the grocery shopping, and made dinner of fried chicken, corn and peas. I had salad. The Dude took The Boys to buy a video game and beer, which he needed to drop off somewhere for Sunday...The Dude went to fill up his truck and buy shaving cream, leaving at 8:30pm, and returning at 10:30. Seeing a pattern here? I am.

Sunday - The Dude went to the Raider game, leaving at 9AM to tailgate. I decided to clean. I went to the backyard finding this:
Augie stuck in the fort.

Spent the first hour scooping poop, then moved to the shed:

Took a break after 3 hours when I ran out of plastic bins. Took 3 advil and took the kids to buy more bins and to Baskin Robbins for ice cream:

This is the detritus from the shed - many deteriorating cardboard boxes:

Then I moved to the garage:

After cleaning out the garage:

I changed air filters in my car, and moved some of the stuff from the garage to the shed, but by then it was dark (and 10 hours after I started). I took 4 more advil and I still need to organize the new stuff to the shed and load all of the garden tools. That will have to wait until daylight and my back allow. As of 10:30PM, still no sign of The Dude...

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Gordon said...

J9, will you come clean my garage? your friend, Gordon