Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday (nearly Tuesday) Weekend Wrap Up

I am TIRED!!!

Friday morning, started getting phone calls first from Sis, then from Mom. Dad was in the hospital with chest/stomach pain. It wasn't his Heart (which has had it's share of issues), but his Gall Bladder - a new ailment for him. He spent the better part of the weekend in the hospital while they tried to get his blood pressure stabilized and get him back to eating, pain free. He was released on Sunday, and will try to manage this with diet. So that was pretty much all of my Friday.
Saturday was a baseball practice for The Youngest, and the 50th anniversary for an Aunt and Uncle. We stayed overnight at The Dude's Mom's, and it was a nice and relaxing visit, but I did shoot the event, which is tiring. I drove both directions, and that added to my fatigue. Staying up VERY late on Saturday did not help.
Sunday was the trip home, and laundry, and more laundry, oh and working on The Oldest's science fair project.
Today was a BUSY day at work with only two 30 minute breaks, during which I set up the testing environment for the science fair project, and rescued The Dude from having locked his keys in the truck. After school was testing the science fair project and The Youngest's first baseball game this season. I took The Oldest early from the game to complete the project (which included a trip to the next town to weigh the project) and practice his instruments. There is laundry still all over my bed, and I just don't have the energy to fold and put away laundry. Maybe tomorrow night...

But now? Now I need some sleep.

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