Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Town Shoot Out - Chaos

This week's Theme is courtesy of the My Town Shoot Out gang.
"Chaos! A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.A disorderly mass; a jumble. An abyss; a chasm."
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I had a couple of really great ideas for this one, and then I was thrown for a loop this week by running into the Mythbusters crew and Tom Hanks... And I was WITHOUT MY CAMERA!!! What. The. Hell. I beat myself up about being such a horrible photographer, and then resolved to not ever go anywhere without at least my phone (which I had left in the car...). Oh, and it was also The Youngest's 8th Birthday this week, so dinner with the grand parents and a kid party. I also found out I have an upcomming business trip to St. Louis, AND I'm being courted at work for another position...Oh, and the local St. Patrik's Day Parade and Festival, which you will see next Friday. Given all of that, this is the ONE shot I thought fit the bill for this wek (the whole week was utter chaos, if you ask me).
Happy Weekend all!


Jama said...

This fits the theme perfectly! when you have kids having a fun time, it's always chaotic in trying to calm them down. Just look at the kids in the background, they sure had such a chaotic fun-filled day.

Sandra said...

that many children in one place certainly rates the word chaos.

Doreen said...

a room full of kids is almost always chaos!! :-)