Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Town Shoot Out - Paths, Steps, and Walkways

If you would like to see what others around the globe are shooting of their towns, I encourage you to go HERE.

This week's theme is Paths, Steps, and Walkways
I was out after a field trip on Thursday, and spotted this:
 A Blue Heron on the Iron Horse Trail which crosses through my town, much the way it's namesake did decades ago.
This is looking the other direction, where it cuts under a road, and toward the creek.
Both are Directly Out Of Camera - no post editing at all.

Happy Weekend All!


GingerV said...

he (she?) is far from home - don't herons like to be right on the water? This trail reminds me of the Hershey trail in west Houston. except you have mountains in the background and Houston only has manmade dikes to break the landscape. have a good week.

Bagman and Butler said...

The second shot is just full of different paths, water paths, bridges -- whew.

Jama said...

The first photo is so inviting, with such gorgeous natural beauty around that walkway, I don't mind walking there, with my camera of course!