Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shit floating about in my head

Today there is just so much crap in my head. I am in the middle of training to do a job I shouldn't have to do, will likely not have to do, and feeling like it is a colossal waste of time. My company employs both union represented and non union represented people, as well as contractors, etc. Contracts are up for renegotiation, as they are every 3 years. Three years ago, I trained to climb poles (mind out of the gutter), nine years ago I trained to answer phones and questions on billing, No clue what was six, or twelve years ago - seem to have lost that in a fog. This year I had 50+ on line courses with an average of 2 hours each, and have 6 days and nights of live classroom training, located 2+ hours away from my home...
The Girl Scouts are trying to turn me into a diabetic cow. Insidious little kids with delicious cookies. And most are friends of my kids, so there is an obligation...
I feel like I need to eat less and move more. I am becoming too sedintary.
I feel like I am under threats from various places - finances and relationships primary. Thankfully, work (other than the training) and The Boys' school seem to be doing ok.
The Boys and The Dude were in AZ this past weekend, and they seem to have had fun. My weekend was relatively quiet, and I got some stuff done.

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