Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interesting what a bit of attention can garner

So last week was the ceremony for my city's Citizen of the Year award, for which I was nominated. I'll wait to tell you if I won, but I wanted first to tell you of the guest list, and give you some idea of what I was walking into - the stress level anyway.
Seated to my left was one of my children (of course). To the left of him were my parents (by design, you'll see why) then  my sister and her boyfriend. To my right was up for grabs between my best friend, my first boyfriend, and the person who spearheaded the campaign to nominate me. My best friend won and my other child was to her right. My first boyfriend had his current boyfriend with him, but they were sitting toward the back due to stomach issues. Rounding out the cast was supposed to be my ex mother-in-law, but she had her mother's health issues to handle. My nominator sat at a different table, with other people who came to support me. All of the people at my table were mostly by my invitation, two invited themselves. My mother does not like two of the people at the table, not including me. My first boyfriend is terrified of my parents 35 years later.
I haven't had sex with anyone I invited, though I would with two of them. Easily. There is a possibility that could happen with one of them. Some of the people at the table know I am Bi, some do not.
The Citizen of the Year is given to recognize volunteerism benefiting our community. There are three awards in total, Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Organization of the Year. There were 5 volunteers up for the same award as I. My fears going into the evening were me outing myself in a grand setting, and people outing me. Also, having at least one person at the table with no internal filter, a loud voice, and low tolerance for diversity in a diverse crowd... Well, you get the point.

So the evening went as follows:
The boys and I arrived at the same time as BFF. My parents were there and had a table saved. My parents were welcoming to everyone, and my sister looked stressed out. I walked around and read all of the nominations, noticing that one nominee had four separate nominations. This same person is the former mayor of my city, so I knew I had little to no shot at this award and decided to enjoy the food and champagne. I received roses and a bottle of Jameson's as congratulations from my friends, and two certificates and a mini key to the city. It was a fun evening, and I feel very fortunate to be is the company of such remarkable people.
My parents told me they were proud of me, and everyone was surprised by how much I actually do. I was touched by the nomination, and felt it to be a very special recognition. I talked to a bunch of people I already know, and many I don't, and I honestly had fun.
Oh, here is a pic of the nomination - they blew these up on large boards around the room:
Yeah, I am possibly never wearing that shirt again - it is literally the only read piece of clothing I own, and this was taken on Lunar New Year, in front of the dragon on red.

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