Monday, February 11, 2013

Laissez les bons temps rouler

This weekend marked Mardi Gras celebrations across the globe, but more importantly, within driving distance to me. I spent the weekend in Nevada City just relaxing and visiting with people I hadn't seen since last year. The ex was disappointed that it seems I got this particular (and the only shared) party in the divorce. He called twice and asked how the party and parade were before he got to the reason he was supposedly calling.

I did not hook up with anyone, and going into the weekend I thought that a distinct possibility. I miss kissing. Really miss it, almost more than sex. At least that was my thinking before the weekend. However, I have now come to the conclusion that the simple and final act of the day of saying good night, and having it said back, right before falling asleep, is what I was missing.

Was up until 3am talking to a dear sweet friend, who's friendship I have truly missed, and those were our final words of the night/morning. she took good care of me emotionally, which is exactly what I needed. This year I am more at peace, and happier than the past few years. I still hit bumps in the road, but I just shrug them off.

No naked people this year - I think it is too cold and we are all past that point in life. We were much more into eating the mini muffeletta appetizers and drinking some seriously strong margaritas.

I love this party and my dear friends.

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