Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Now that Corky is back to work on desk duty only, she actually has weekends off, so this makes the third weekend we could spend together.

Corky spent the night and we just chilled out and relaxed. I took apart and moved part of The Oldest's old twin bed and a part of the bunk bed set The boys have had for a REALLY long time. Am looking to sell it and see what I can recoup.

Woke up and finished moving The Oldest's bed, vacuuming his room and moving the futon into a better spot, which meant moving the bookshelf and the cat box. Went with Corky and her roommate to Urban Ore looking for ideas. Saw some stuff we want to try, as well as buying a drop leaf table, now making 2 projects I need to do... Had lunch and rushed home so that I could drive My Sister's Youngest to Homecoming at his high school (my alma mater). While there, Sister gave me her old kitchen chairs (AWESOME!). We picked up his girlfriend, took pictures, and I waited while they ate at a friends. Then I dropped them at the school, picked up Corky and met another couple for dinner and dessert. Back home and exhausted!

Up and out rather early with Corky and her roommate to the downtown antiques fair. Wandered for about 5 hours, and bought one non antique (of course). Will be making it into a bedside lamp because I need yet another home project, though this does not involve sand paper, screwdrivers or stain. We'll see how it looks soon. Dinner at home, shower and a nap after crying from pain and exhaustion. The Boys arrived at around bed time, with some additional work needing to be done on an essay for The Youngest that is due tomorrow.

In bed by 10:00 and really looking forward to sleep.

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