Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday following a BUSY weekend.

I've had The Boys for nearly a week while their father is out of country. So of course this weekend had to be full of activity!

After a harrowing school week wherein The Youngest was discovered to have 7 missing assignments, instead of the 2 I initially thought, and the end of the progress grading period, and working on all of those assignments, and Friday detention to turn in the final 2 assignments worth a collective 510 points across two classes... I had him do more homework. I know, I am horrible (at least according to him), but I am also not giving up on this kid. He worked REALLY hard, and we argued tirelessly about the assignments, but when it was all said and done, He ended up with 485 out of 510, with only the lateness counting off his grade. I capitalized on the good feeling he had for turning in quality work, and had him write the assignment due Monday. Oh, did I also mention that it was hot like Sub Saharan Africa from Wednesday through the weekend? It was, which made the anguish over homework that much more difficult and exhausting. There were many tears and hugs and some shouting. BUT, he did it all, and now sees the importance of completing the assignments on time. Also, he gets that what is expected of him is much greater than in Elementary School. He isn't happy about that aspect, but he is working on accepting it as fact. Also went shopping and found a new bike helmet and lock for The Youngest so that he can start riding his bike to school. The Oldest brought home a bass drum to practice for drum line.

Spent the morning with The Boys completing the weekend homework. Spent the afternoon at the Tech Museum of Innovation with Corky, The Boys and a couple of people from our Meetup group. The Boys had fun, but Corky less so because The Oldest insisted on telling her how to do stuff and explaining everything, which didn't really allow her to experience the place in the way she wanted. Had I known that was the case, I would have had a talk with him on the way there. Once the museum closed, we walked to Gordon Biersch for dinner. Their Bier Fest is delicious and the food was great.

A relaxing morning, and dropped The Boys at my Sister's for the afternoon while Corky, her roommate and I went to a surprise 30th birthday party for Corky's Niece. It was fun - a brunch and bocci ball. I'd met many of the people there, and it was fun to see Corky's family again. They are all so warm and funny, and welcoming. While we were there, The Boys went shopping for homecoming attire with my Sister and her Oldest. The Oldest sent pictures of various shirt/tie combos for the 8th grade dance, occurring in June... Of course, I will likely pick them up for My Parents' anniversary reception in a couple of weeks. Fell into bed after a busy and hot weekend, glad the heat wave will be over mid-week.

Enjoy your week people!

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