Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Wild Time

So the past two weeks have been insane at work with the shit completely hitting the fan, and it couldn't have happened at a more impacted time in my personal life. We also celebrated a 7 year old's birthday, got a new puppy, started Baseball season, are gearing up for a Theater performance, nearing a Tae Kwon Do tournament and black belt testing, GATE testing, and Sring Break.

Plus I signed up to drive on the two Wednesday field trips in a row - of course things were slow at work when I signed up a month ago...

I also have recently been involved in a shift in consciousness. I know it sounds very EST and Hippy Dippy, but hear me out (or rather read me out) on this one.
I have in the recent past met three homeless men who have given me the gift of perspective and gratitude. They have also allowed me to learn while teaching my kids about giving and taking care of all beings sharing our world and community. Do I wish I had more to give? Yes. When I crossed paths with these men, I was without much (or any) money, and I gave what little I could monitarily. What I did was listen. I talked a little, and listened intently to the message each brought. Oh and they brought me messages of love, devotion, hope, gratitude, trust, kindness and joy. I can only hope to never forget them, or their stories.
I must at this point pause to thank Julie Michelle. Without her opening her heart to a homeless family and allowing me to be a small part, this recent tangent of my life would not be. I also would not be dropping my cynicism to embrace a more loving and open, childlike me.
I also really have to go way back to the beginning and thank my parents. They instilled in me a sense of responsibilty for humanity, and the need to help. They were not, are not, and likely never will be Hippies. Despite having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the height of Haight Ashbury, and known Black Panthers and founders of local NOW chapters, they are not what passes for progressive. They are deeply caring and spiritual people who taught me right from wrong, and all the shades of grey between those two ends. I learned the difference between murder and manslaughter and what an insanity defense was because of a walk with my father discussing the Harvey Milk assasination. I learned that homeless and hungry looked just like me while working next to my mother at St. Anthony's soup kitchen. I've taken all of the lessons over the course of this work in progress life and applied them to situations in life. Some turn out really well, some turn out like shit on toast, and most fall in the "damned lucky and well prepared" section of life. I recently saw this Irish Blessing and thought of my parents:
"May the sons of your daughters smile up in your face."
I am one of two daughters, and we each have two sons. It makes me smile to think there is a specific blessing for my parents. They deserve one.
OK, I really am doing stream of consciousness at this point, I'm tired and need some rest as well.

Sláinte chugat

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