Friday, March 26, 2010

Rest In Peace

So this month is really bad for my family and death. Many more of my ancestors have died in March than in any other month of the year. Just this month two of my uncles have died.

Uncle Steve died early in the month in Florida. He had recently been hospitalized after a fall and stroke. When I last talked to him (about a week before his death) he was souding great and happy, and back to his old self. Steve was originally from Hungary, and not an actual uncle, but he did adopt Pop Pop and Mom Kay in Key West and took care of them for many years while they also looked after him. He managed restaurants and bars and gave tours. He did NOT like Jimmy Buffett, and that was no secret. He was a phenominal dancer, had a regular's status at the 801, and loved his family (all of us). He was the uncle who helped raise many unruly, surly teens when their parents were at the end of their ropes. All of those teens are now responsible, loving adults many with their own families. We all owe Steve our gratitude and we will all miss him.

Uncle Paul fancied himself as an Uncle Buck. He came to our family when I was 11 and he married my Aunt. We did not always agree on politics or hot button issues, but he always respected my opinion, and was there for advice or encouragement. He served as a Marine during Vietnam, was a body builder in the 70's and knew Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was active in local politics and his church. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and even worked for my dad at one point before dating my Aunt. He suffered his own health setbacks, diabetes and on dialysis, a triple by-pass at Christmas, and on the list for a liver donor. He raised and trained dogs and loved the cats that my Aunt brought in from everywhere.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your loses. Pictures of some fine looking uncles there. My 2 grands have lost 2 pets this March and they are not happy about that either. May they rest in peace.

Barry said...

We loose the most interesting people. I'm very saddened to learn of your losses.