Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day wrap up

I had a FANTASTIC Mother's Day!
The Dude and The Boys let me sleep in.
When I did wake up, I had a fun time opening my ceramic creations from the boys, BVI French Toast, coffee and a lovely card from The Dude.
We packed the car and headed to the beach with My Folks, My Aunt, My Sister and My Nephews. It was windy, a bit cold, and SOOOOOooooooooo relaxing and delightful! I felt rejuvinated by the smells of sea air, the salt, the sand, the sun, the wind and the sounds. OMG, this is my FAVORITE way to spend time. Seriously. Favorite.
We came back to town and had dinner at The Dude's Mom's home, and that was relaxing too - I didn't have to cook or clean all day, The boys had a blast, and I was able to breathe and NOT WORK. I stayed off my work computer all weekend, and slept instead.

As a result, I feel WAY better today than I have in weeks, and my patience has been extended.

Pictures to come for Tableau Tuesday's return!!!!

Yeah me!


Barry said...

Sounds great.

Nothing like a little pampering now and then!

Chef E said...

You deserve it! Mother's Day always reminds me that my son is the greatest since I had him 23 years ago!