Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Monday and Weekend Wrap Up

Let's get this party started:

And now for the week's wrap up, because too f*cking much happened this week for me to not post. I'm going backward as my mind will allow.

Sunday - Spent the day in my backyard wringing out and hanging laundry on the line until it was only damp, then it went to the dryer to finish. The Boys lazed about the house, and The Dude had a soccer game in which he was kicked in the head (not causing any physical damage, but pissing him off), and a run to the garbage dump for a kitchen remodel he is working.

Saturday - Early baseball game for The Youngest (at the field at 8:30), Black Belt testing for The Oldest (11:30 - 4:30), and a class for me (10-noon). I missed the first time The Youngest pitched, but one of the mom's got some pictures. My class went well and I got some positive feedback on my work. The Oldest did really well on all but the written portion of the test. That was not really his fault, as many of the questions were from the adult curriculum, and we were studying the children's curriculum. He has a retest (not sure if it is just written, or full test) in a week. He broke boards, did great on his forms, and sparred 3 people at the same time, along with doing 1,000 kicks for warm up. In the afternoon we got Augie back from the vet with meds, a cone of shame, and special food while he heals.
Decided that it would be more cost and time effective to drip dry the laundry on a line in back before placing in the dryer. Hung a couple of lines, and bought clothespins. Completed 2 loads of laundry this way before sundown, and figured out that wringing the water out before hanging makes things go more quickly. Also decided that pre electric women were burly for a reason.

Friday - Augie was not any better than yesterday, and The Dude took him to the vet while I was on back to back calls for work. Got a text that Augie had blocked intestines and they would be operating, AND it was going to cost the equivalent of a mortgage payment... Worked in The Boys' classroom, and hosted a Happy Hour Play Date with 4 other moms and their kids that lasted until 9:00. We decided we need a trip to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. Was very relaxed by the end and decided that I need more time like this! Also decided that I would NOT be working over the weekend, as my hacking cough was approaching bronchitis. The part for the washer came and The Dude and I worked on fixing the washer only to discover that what we thought was wrong, wasn't and the only fix needed was to place a spring back where it belonged. Now the washer doesn't leak, and we have a part that cost over $100 that we didn't need. Of course, the washer also doesn't effectively drain or run the spin cycle, but that is a problem for another day. Had to wash uniforms for tomorrow, and it took until 2am for them to dry, running repeated cycles on the dryer.

Thursday - Augie spent today throwing up what looked like foam pieces of a slipper he ate yesterday, and not eating or drinking. Was able to get him to hoild down an eyedropper of water every hour or so. Final day of Tae Kwon Do class before Black Belt Testing. I know The Oldest is ready, but I am nervous for him. Spent the day baking boards in between calls for work. Sap is still leaking out and dripping, and I'm not sure if the boards will be breakable by Saturday...

Wednesday - Augie ate one of my slippers. I don't think he actually swallowed any of it, as the amount of foam lying around seemed to match the missing volume from the slipper. Today The Boys were playing with Legos when The Oldest asked me to come look at what he'd built:
When I inquired as to what it was, he replied, "A wig shop." Seriously. All I could think of at that point is a sound bite on The Frank DeCaro Show, "To The Wig Shop!" When I find it, I'll add it! The Dude finally bought a board for The Oldest to use during Black Belt testing. I should have done it myself a month ago (when I first asked him to do so). It is a really crappy board, full of knots, warped and VERY green. Spent the evening baking the boards, pine smoke filling my kitchen and setting off my smoke alarms. The sap is still seeping out of the boards, and I'll have to spend tomorrow baking them even more. Had to put together a bunch of metrics and algorythms for work which took me past midnight.

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