Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music Monday and Weekend Wrap Up

In honor of yesterday's Sunday Stills theme:

The weekend held the usual business, with the addition of The Dude holding an open house Fri-Sun, and having 2 soccer games on Sunday.

Friday, I worked in The Boys' classroom for 2.5 hours, helping the 1st and 2nd graders make ceramic gifts for Father's Day. A half hour of clean up, and then an hour unsuccessfully sifting through lost and found for The Youngest's lunch box.

Saturday, The Youngest had a Baseball game, and Teh Oldest made mud balls coated in sand. I did the majority of the laundry and that night we went out to dinner with friends, and got home late.

Sunday I had the itch to do SOMETHING about my house. So I changed and washed all the linens, and scrubbed both bathrooms. I hung up the final tomoato bucket, watered the garden and wrote the list of needs (as I was working I busted one of the sprinkler heads...). I also scooped all the poop from the last 2 weeks, and vacuumed the house. Oh, and I reorganized ALL the legos and duplos in The Boys' room. That required one boy climbing under the bunk bed to retrieve all sorts of things from the far corners, and me sitting on the floor pulling apart legos until I couldn't feel my finger tips. However, now their room and dressers are clean, and there are 4 bins: 1 for duplos; 1 for legos colors of Black, Brown, Grey (all shades), and White; 1 for legos of other colors; and one for pieces of and accessories to mini figs.

Created a grocery list and decided to cook a decent dinner of tri tip, baked potatoes, roasted beet salad, and steamed broccoli. I am feeling very much like I need to cook more healthy alternatives to kid food. Last week I picked and cooked all the Swiss Chard, and The Youngest LOVED it, while The Oldest didn't.

And now a song that comes to mind when thinking of the upcoming Friday Shoot Out Theme:

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Barry said...

Perfect song for the Friday Shoot Out!

Linda and I went out for dinner on Sunday. First time out for a meal in a while.