Thursday, September 30, 2010

A joke from my dad

Told to me yesterday while discussing a wedding my folks attended, and my dad was seated next to the priest and claimed that you can only be yourself to a certain degree.

I've mentioned previously that my dad is taking after his Uncle Jack in the joke telling department (he also looks alot like Uncle Jack).

A man is playing golf and hits his ball into the woods, knocking a leprechaun out cold. When he finds the ball, he revives the leprechaun, makes sure he's OK, offers to take him to hospital, but the leprechaun says he's just fine, and because of the man's kindness he will grant the man three wishes. The man refuses the request saying he has no need for wishes, checks to make sure the leprechaun will be OK, and goes on his way.

The leprechaun decides to grant the man three wishes anyway, to be the best golfer in the world, to have more money than he would ever need, and to have the greatest sex possible.

One year goes by and the man is playing the PGA tour, on the same course and hits his ball into the woods. It lands near the leprechaun, and when the man arrives the leprechaun asks how his year has been. The man says, it's been wonderful. The leprechaun asks about his golf game, and the man tells him he has never played better. The leprechaun asks if he is doing well financially and the man replies that he has never been wealthier. The leprechaun asks how his sex life is going and the man replies that it is OK. The leprechaun is stunned and asks why it's just OK. The man replies that he's having sex two or three times a week. The leprechaun is incredulous, saying it should be every night, to which the man replies, "Well, two to three times a week isn't too bad for a priest in a small town."

Love you Dad!

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kathryn said...

Ack! And your dad told this joke in front of the priest???

Oh, that's what I would call uber-terrible timing. BUT, a very funny joke!