Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Monday - Who Are All These Old People?

Alternate Title: Can't They Turn Down The Music?

Last night was the 25th Reunion of my High School class. For those who cannot do the math, we graduated in 1985. I was a Band Buddy (as I have already attested). What this meant in 1985 was that I was not well known among the class of 250. Only about 75 of those were at the reunion last night, and only 5 people from the band. It was really great seeing the people I remembered, and talking to people I normally wouldn't have. It was also very flattering to have one of the cutest guys from then actually remember me, and say hi to me when we first got there.

Some hints for people planning these events:
If you are going to print name tags, PLEASE make them in a font larger than 12 point. May I recommend 48 or 72. We are all in out 40's, most of us need corrective eyewear, and none of us want to go around invading personal space to read nametags placed on people's boobs.
If you are also going to place yearbook photos on nametags, consider a photo larger than 1/2' square. If you think reading small print is bad...
Reconsider location. I wanted to spend more time talking to people, and less time shouting over Lady GaGa. I do love her music, but with a few hours to visit, I felt a bit cheated.
Please work on drawing more than the stoners, jocks, and cheerleaders. While I can appreciate the diversity of such a crowd, I felt NEARLY as invisible as back then, and I'm WAY cooler now. I submit as evidence, the fact that I am a blogger...

The good points:
I won a bottle of good wine as a door prize.
I was thanked for donating door prizes (not the wine).
I had dinner at a friend's restaurant - the food was really good, and the dessert was better. If you are ever in downtown, I highly recommend the Limoncello Tiramisu.
I didn't get drunk, and therefore had no hangover today.

The less than stellar points (not bad or good, just stuff):
I missed the Jimmy Buffett concert for this. Of course, the Buffet tickets were at least $120, and the reunion was less than $30, but still. I could have been exceptionally drunk and watching people in varying states of undress.
It rained, limiting access to the outdoor patio where the music wasn't deafening.
Many of the people I really wanted to see weren't there.

Feeling every inch ofthis song. Even though it is WAY before my time, we still danced to it at The Edge back in the 80's when Mod was in.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...high school reunions! Somehow they never turn out to be what we were expecting, but I am so happy that you went and that you had a relatively good time. And VERY impressed that the cute guy remembered you! What fun!