Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank-you to the Universe

On Monday I had a REALLY crappy day. All around BS from The Dude, work, parents at The Boys' school - you name it, it was all hitting the fan. I was angry as all hell, and ended up writing 10 pages of brain dump in my journal before bed. I woke up on Tuesday with a completely jacked up neck and shoulders and feeling like I hadn't released my anger from the day before. There was a bright spot during my day - having lunch with two good friends.
I awoke to one of my daily affirmations - you can sign up to receive these, and mostly they just make me refocus on happiness, and my long term goals, but occasionally one hits the nail so greatly on the head that it becomes an a-ha moment. The Oprah kind:

not the 80's pop band kind:

This was the message that greeted me from The Universe:
By the way, dear Jeannine, the world doesn't need fixing.

Neither do you.
And dreaming for more, bigger, and zippier, doesn't mean you can't be happy today.

The Universe

Then I visited my friends around the Internet, Mark had an especially fitting post, which you can read here.
Well then - I suppose The Universe is really trying to tell me something. That I am unhappy in all of these things because I choose to be and/or, I am unhappy with myself for some of these things as well... Back to self reflection, navel gazing and over processing...

Oh and then today, this was put up - FINALLY a new post that made me truly laugh out loud AND cry with laughter. All this, AND Naked Jen is in town - I need to go eat with her and that involves Saturn Cafe and FLTs....  I'm drooling already!

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