Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Musings - on being naked

So I have been thinking lately. A LOT. That's not to say I am normally some animatronic Stepford Wife, I'm not. Occasionally I do ruminate on larger questions and philosophy. My current thoughts are on nakedness. On being naked, on seeing naked, and on living naked. In all aspects.

The Boys are infamous for not wanting to wear clothing while around the house, though in a nod to The Dude's hang up, they do wear underwear. The Dude has issue with anyone sitting on furniture while non-clothed, but that is his issue, not mine. For anyone reading who knows me IRL, I also do not sit naked on my furniture, so no need for hazmat suits when you come to visit... Anyway, The Boys were hanging about, watching TV and asking me to make lunch for them. I asked them to get dressed, and they refused, so I said "fine, then today is topless day", and stripped off my shirt. I started making lunch while topless, and as they wandered in to tell me what they wanted, they were taken aback, and yelling at me to put my shirt back on. I made them a deal that I would as soon as they did. They couldn't run fast enough to get shirts on. I consider that a natural consequences victory for me ;-)

Last night we were at the home of dear friends, and went naked hot tubbing. After we got home, The Dude commented that the husband of the couple had been eyeing my boobs. Well duh. They are big, and they float, and he was sitting across from me, and the hot tub was HOT, too hot to remain completely submerged the entire time, so yes, they were visible, and it doesn't bother me. I'm not necessarily an exhibitionist either. I have a body, and I am at times happy with it, so it really isn't a big deal for me to be naked, in front of my kids, or friends in a hot tub, or bead gathering at a parade...

I  have recently also been rethinking how I think of and treat people in my life. I am trying to ensure that people know how much they mean to me. I am also focusing on transmitting love, and not compartmentalizing my relationships. Opening my heart to people is not easy for me, and means a shift in thinking and feeling, but I have no doubt it is completely worth the effort. That is the nakedness of being open to relationships and being present in my life.

That all leads me to thoughts of intent. If your intent is Love, and the place you are coming from is Love, that doesn't necessarily translate the same to the person on the receiving end of your attention or intentions. And knowing that another person comes from a place of Love, doesn't make the attention any more warranted or desired. It's the difference between attention and scrutiny.

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it. "

Martin Luther King Jr.

Oh and hat tip to Erin O'Brien for giving me this idea today. And as always to Naked Jen for giving me inspiration to live a naked life.

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Doreen said...

now this was an interesting post!! and you are so frank about the nakedness. some very deep thoughts and good insights to life. great post!!