Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This was a good weekend. The Dude was out of town, and The Boys and I kept busy.

Friday, I went to pick up The Boys early, so that I could talk to the 4/5 graders about the field trip shirts for this year. - For those that have no idea, I teach 4/5 grade art in The Boys class. We had an extended play date after school, celebrating a teen birthday with walking fondue. The kids had fun and got along very well. The Youngest went to a friend's house for a few hours, where he discovered the pleasures of French Dip. All of the moms needed an "End of the First Week of School" deprogramming, and so we did ;-)

Saturday brought my first direct conflict of kid schedules. The Oldest had Football practice 10-noon, and the Youngest had to be at his soccer game at 10. The fields they needed to be at are 30 miles apart. I dropped of The Youngest with a teammate, dropped off The Oldest at football, ran to another town to pick up a Treasure Box, home to put away the food, then to watch and photograph the remainder of the soccer game, and pick up at football. I bought lunch for The Boys at the snack bar, they ate in the car and when we got home I did laundry and took down a supply list for The Youngest, who wanted to buy PVC in order to make a marshmallow gun. He had some allowance left and we went to price the pipe, found that he had enough money to cover what he wanted, so we bought all he needed. We also went to the pet store to price fish tanks for The Oldest, but he didn't realize how much that would cost, and he didn't bring enough money, nor did he know if he even had that much. When we got home, I spent a bit of time cutting the PVC and putting together the gun, which The Boys reconfigured a number of times throughout the rest of the weekend.

Sunday I got to sleep in :-D. After breakfast, The Oldest counted his money and found he did have enough money for a fish tank. We headed out in the afternoon to Dharma Trading Company for fabric dyes and clothing blanks (for field trip shirts) and yarn and needles (for my next knitting project). It is a 2+ hour round trip from the house, but worth the trip! We stopped at the pet store on the way home, and The Oldest picked up a tank, and all of those needed accessories, a Beta fish, and a couple of tank decorations. The Oldest made dinner of Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

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