Thursday, June 20, 2013

Love and hug those around you while you can.

Today I am asking for love, good vibes, well wishes, focused intentions, positivity, prayers, and anything else you've got.

I am really struggling right now with effective co-parenting. My frustration has been mounting, and I am ready to snap. The last minute flakiness has always worn me thin, and it continues. Quite possibly the most difficult thing I have had to do is to walk away from my children, leaving them in the care of another woman who I do not really know, who is driving an unreliable car with 4 children inside (including my two Boys). This scares me like nothing else. I want to know for a fact that they are loved and cared for and about, but life has no guarantees. I find myself jumping through hoops to come to the rescue of The Boys, in order to get them to their committments. What that has caused (in only the last two days), is my missing a couple of significant and important meetings at work. The end result is my increased blood pressure, stress eating and overall bitchiness. I feel like I am not in control of my life (still) and that makes me angry.

Thanks Guys, I think I'll just go and cry now (Oh, that has increased too).

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