Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend marked the official beginning of the Summer Swim Season - more on that in a bit.

Friday - Worked, did laundry and tidied up the house. All in preparation for going out with a friend. Had a really good dinner at Casbah Cafe, followed by viewing Much Ado About Nothing. The movie was a great, fun way to digest difficult Shakespearean writing. Not having spent much time viewing Joss Whedon work, my companion had to tell me why some of the casting was especially funny.

Saturday - Opening Swim Meet of the season. Realized The Oldest has a huge and expansive back, and he hasn't even begun to triangulate in puberty yet. He swam like an ox, powering through the water - not particularly quickly, but never flagging. Speed will come. The Youngest attacked the water with, as he stated, "extreme prejudice". He was faster than some, and both were proud of their performance. I told them that I love to watch them swim. Ran errands, and spent the evening reading the second book in a trilogy. I read the first book Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. This book took me from Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

Sunday - Slept in LATE!!! Felt a bit out of sorts for the late nights, but got my shit together enough to finish laundry, and watch Nephew's baseball game with Sis. Had a reading hangover all day. For me, this means that I continue to be immersed in the world I just read, thinking on the story, the characters, and futures for them all. The second book left me with just as many questions and desire for more, as had the first. I am hoping the third book is either available or shortly will be, for I am having a difficult time letting go of this. Just checked the author web site, and she has not completed the writing of the third book, so I will secure away books one and two to reread when the time for the third book is near. The  Boys came home at a reasonable time, and we spent the time before bed time hanging out and catching up from 5 days away.

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