Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another Monday, this one closer to the fall return to school. Busy ass weekend:

After work, Corky and I picked up some deli sandwiches and headed to a concert in the park with a great band - Finding Stella. This clip is from last year, and they were just as good this year. We were farther from the stage, but there was far less lesbian drama this time around.

Last year's concert included Corky not having made her mind up yet, and kissing on her ex. This year, two of her exes are dating each other, and weirdly continue to try and engage her in their stuff. I get that lesbians are friends with their exes, but they keep trying to push her buttons, and she really doesn't even want to hear about it. The way she was treated by each of them left her feeling bad, and she hasn't forgotten that.

After the concert, stopped by the aquatic center and set up the umbrellas for the next morning.

Swim Championships! I got there at 7am, parked far far away, and spent the next 9 hours cheering for all the kids I know who swim. they all did wonderfully, and The Boys' team took first, for the second year in a row. This year it was a larger margin than last, and everyone was happy. Came home and scarfed some food, fell asleep, woke up and then to bed. Missed seeing Corky all day - she's sick with a summer cold and worked then went to bed.

Woke up kind of early to go to the bathroom then fell back asleep until 11. Feeling off balance and slightly dizzy all day, and unable to nap. Did pick up a trombone for The Boys' band camp this week. Things are weird with BFF, which probably means we need to talk soon. sigh. I did see Corky for a bit before she headed back to bed after work. Swim team awards night was fun. The Oldest won most improved for his age group (he won it a few years ago as well). I asked The Youngest what his thoughts were, looking back at the season and he said he wants to swim again next year. I didn't even ask The Oldest, as he's already stated that he is looking forward to swimming the summer after senior year of high school, which is only 5 years away. (Yikes!) watching the Seniors and the 15-18's, I just kept being surprised by what wonderful young men and women The Boys have the privilege of knowing. These kids volunteer their time to help the younger swimmers, who in turn idolize them and it keeps the tradition alive. Both of The Boys want to be swim coaches, and can't wait to be old enough. We've talked about everything else it takes to be a leader for the team:  the time, the volunteer spirit, respect for their coaches all along the way, and the willingness and desire to help when they see a need, not just when asked. At their ages, it does take some coaching (by me) to see the need, but they are willing to step in when I point it out (especially The Oldest). I am proud of how far they both have come, and I only hope they will continue their summers with the summer family we've made.

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